World's Coolest Desktop Wallpapers

Okay, this isn't really a secret, but man – Ponzi stumbled into an amazing place for wallpapers the other week without even knowing it. It's that Threadless place she's been raving about. Take a look at any of the individual t-shirt pages on and scroll to the bottom. On most of 'em, you'll find a clean GIF image that can be padded to your desktop resolution in any given image editor. For example, what Vader fan wouldn't want this image tiled or offset? C'mon, don't be a Vader hater. There are dozens of other creative images for you to toy with. I've crafted a few wallpapers for my dual monitor setup at home, but I can't really repurpose them without permission. So, I'm just pointing you their direction – buy a few t-shirts like I have, and then make a few wallpapers for your boring ol' desktop while you wait. This image will get a few stares if you put it on your laptop tonight.

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