Military in the Family

I spent part of last week in Colorado Springs – primarily for parent's weekend at the Air Force Academy. I don't have any relatives there, but Ponzi's brothers are both currently enrolled as cadets. Wes is going to be graduating from the Air Force Academy in the spring of 2006, whereas Travis (aka Teppy) has another couple of years. My dad was a marine long before I was born (having done his tour of duty in Vietnam), but none of his sons ever followed that path. I remember being approached by military recruiters when I was still in high school, but sustained interest never attached itself to my brain. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard. I know our nation needs `em all. I'm one who is content to support them, because I know that without the armed forces, we'd be in greater danger than we already are. This isn't a political statement: it's a feeling.