“Breaks my heart every time. My man's holding a priceless musical recording, only one in the world like it… and he smashes it to pieces, right on live TV! It'll make you cry.” That's the first result on MSN if you search for “butterfingers.” The video has been on countless blooper shows and desktops the world over (including Jay Leno and Countdown with Keith Oberman). I bet you've got it on your hard drive right now, too! It's actually reconnected me with old friends – as they've seen it being played on someone else's screen. Do you want to know the truth behind the video?
I don't know. Seriously.
It was just a short bit from my 18-hour Helpathon, from which I made much funnier / memorable moments. If it was staged, I didn't know about it… if it was real, I didn't know about it. Did my producer tell me the truth after all was said and done? I'll never tell. 🙂 Thanks to MSN FOUND for ressurecting another piece of my past.

9 thoughts on “Butterfingers”

  1. That clip has been all over the place. Here in DC, DC101 (Howard Stern's first major station) have been talking about it for months. Personally, I hope it was staged… if not, then there is PLENTY of hope out there for the rest of us clutzes…

  2. Wow … I love that bit. I was suprised when I saw it on a blooper show a while back.

  3. I'm with the first comment and the trackback on this I've never heard of MSNFound…
    Any who, yeah I have that saved in my hard drive somewhere, its priceless.. literally.
    But I'll never forget the first time I saw it live during the Help-A-Thon.
    Good times.

  4. Yah, I was there live. Not there there live, but there watching on my television, live. The Call For Help-a-thon was a one of a kind event. It was damn entertaining during those long hours, and family friendly until the guy broke the priceless recording and let one fly from his lips. I can't say I blame him. I do blame Reggie for editing the video and inserting his mug.

  5. That's an Edison Dictaphone wax dictation cylinder that was commonly used as one of the first commercial business dictation devices.
    I actually have two Edison recorders that use those wax cylinders and even more rare, an Edison cylinder shaver that allows one to re-use the cylinders over and over by literally shaving away the top layer previously cut by the audio head.
    A great stunt nonetheless.

  6. Reggie is actually Chris after a very smokey visit to Haiti. That's how he sounds when he is mellow. The first person to guess how many joints he smoke to get that mellow wins the remains of the dictation cylinder.
    Don Park

  7. When the man said “one of a kind” I assume he recorded something on it himself, thus making it unique because only it bears those unique marks that give the sound. I’m guessing that his next task was to place it in the Edison phonograph and play it for the show. When he shattered it though, there went his demonstration and out came the swears.

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