Comcast Problems

Per the Internet Storm Center:

We have received a couple of inquiries regarding the unavailablity of Comcast. Apparently Comcast is experiencing problems nationwide due to an equipment update. This does not appear to have any connection to the DNS Cache Poisoning that we have been following over the last few days. The Comcast technical problems should be resolved shortly and all will return to normal.

Right… like I believe that their technical problems are going to be resolved any time in the next century. I've met one or two people on the inside who have been helpful, but… Time Warner spoiled me. If I could switch to DSL here, I would. Given that we missed our entire live broadcast tonight due to Comcast issues, we may have little other choice than to have ISDN as a backup (or fork over big bucks for a T1 – overkill).

46 thoughts on “Comcast Problems”

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  4. Yup, did all of the Lockergnome stuff tonight from Kinko's Copies. Comcast can kiss me where the sun don't shine! grr!

  5. I have comcast. I've been having troubles all day today, Not good at all, specially since I got in the VoIP game recently, my phone was affected. A little heads-up would have been nice, but I'm stuck with comcast as DSL is out of the question geographically here.
    I would have questioned that nation wide schpeal but seeing as how you're having problems too I guess it might be so.
    Just loading this page took a few minutes. Imagine my adding a few lines of text! Oh wait…

  6. Our comcast connection was fine until around 1800 MDT. It began to clear up by 2300 MDT. In addition to the frustration of a lack of a net connection was Comcast's lack of access to their customer service. They wouldn't even answer the phones. All I got was a recording, when calling customer service, indicating that they were experiencing a high call volume, and to please call again, and then the phone connection goes dead. No indication of where the problem might be, no information what so ever. Customer Service not.

  7. I have been having similar problems with Comcast. In fact, I have been noticing problems with Comcast's DNS servers for weeks and it finally got intolerable.
    I fixed the problem by replacing Comcast's recommended DNS servers with and , in XP's TCP/IP properties. They work great. There is a good discussion on the subject on the DSL Reports forum, here:,12909225
    They also mention a DNS cache program called Treewalk. I'm going to give it a try. It can be found here:
    Happy surfin

  8. yepper…I'va had Comcast problems since yesterday afternoon…I wonder if Comcast customers will be getting a rebate!

  9. I've had problems with my Comcast Cable connection for a few weeks now. The service has never been that solid. I switched to Qwest DSL and it is fast and reliable. For what we pay for Internet Service, we should have better service. One more thing, their customer support is pitiful. It's time for more customers to speak up!
    [email protected]
    Former Comcast user in Arizona

  10. Comcast had an outage on the DSL side last night. After trying to get online, web pages would be slow to download or the msg would come up, saying the page could not be found. Called tech support, received msg that the call volme was unusally heavy and there was an outage and that the engineers were working on it. GAve up and hung up the phone. This a.m., everything seems to be fine here in SoCal.

  11. In Sacramento,CA area, I have only been down for a few minutes during the last few days using a Motorola cable modem on Comcast.

  12. Heh. I restarted my cable modem, router, and computer, but to no avail. I realized that I still had a connection, and upon exploration, new DNS servers! I called Comcast to check it out, and indeed my assumption was correct. Luckily, I had a copy of FashCache installed with some perfectly fine DNS servers registered. I figure I must of been one of the VERY few people on Comcast at the time.

  13. Comcast service is the biggest pile of junk! I've had years of problems with them, but have had no choice since I couldn't get DSL. Now, however, I live in an area that can get Starpower (RCN) cable modem and Verizon FIOS. I'm also having problems with Comcast cable tv service. I have got the county chasing them with threats of fines. When I'm done and everything is working, I hope it won't be long before I can screw them and switch to FIOS TV!

  14. Sacramento Down for at least an hour….DNS server not resolving names.
    At least I found my wifes computer has some spyware on it when it complained about not being able to find the host site.
    “Thank you so much Comcast for helping me find the spyware by breaking my internet connection. If this keeps up, every computer in my house will be Virus and spyware free.”

  15. Here's an update to my earlier post ref. DNS problems. Well, I installed Treewalk, and after a tweak or two it is working great. Treewalk installs your own private BIND DNS server on your computer at localhost.

    What is TreeWalk? TreeWalk is a “free personal use”, automatically installed DNS name caching only server which is similar to, but more efficient than using your default ISP's DNS servers. This held true in almost all test cases.

    You can also back it up with any other DNS servers if you wish. Why stick with Comcasts overloaded servers?
    If you don't want to install Treewalk, then just set your TCP/IP properties to use a faster, more reliable set of servers like and (Your mileage may vary) My tests with pings are around 10-13 ms for these vs. about 80 for comcast's.

  16. Question?
    After installing the High Speed Internet it didn't connect. Called Tec Support after working wiht him I was told it was the modem or splitter.Would cost me %49.95 for him to come and fix it. Took it back for another and the sale person told me it was the filter on the pole.
    Nice way for them to make money don't you think?
    5:05 AM

  17. Thank you! Comcast here in Charleston SC has just kept saying “I dunno.” to the questions.

  18. I love it. I work at a comcast call center for tech support.
    A) We can credit for one day of lack of service regardless of how many hours it was down. It's not based hourly.
    B) A filter on a pole will not result in a 49.95 charge, and btw you can blame other cable providers for placing those annoying filters on the houses to begin with. Also, it's only a 49.95 charge if YOU didn't hook it up correctly.
    C) Sacramento and all surrounding areas were down on the 9th because of some idiot vandal who decided to cut the lines, not “unreliability of comcast”
    As for you pswansen, as for “customer service not” comment, you can go eat some shit, when we get thousands of calls from the same area, it's kind of hard as hell to answer the phone oh-so-immediately for you. Maybe you should stop your porno addiction and go take a fucking walk, play some catch with your meth-head son. As for the line being disconnected, that is total crap, your phone line just sucks. You probably just tried once and lead yourself in the wrong IVR.
    I love people who expect that everyone will have the same experience with an isp, when people don't realize of the millions of internet customers, complaints are balanced hand in hand for all service providers. It's also true that there's an incredibly high percentage of happy customers (98.6% this month in fact) to people recieving bad service.

  19. Comcast must have a file of excuses to give for their poor service. They give you useless exercises…”disconnect this, reconnect that….. we’re reconnecting stuff ourselves….someone must have driven into one of our badly placed boxes”. Their customer reps are surly…and they know it’s being recorded! I want to change services but I don’t want to get screwed again. Can you advise? I’m overwhelmed, unskilled,and uninitiated.


  20. Well, Comcast has now fixed it so you can’t use static IP address’ on your LAN (since you can’t specify their DNS servers).

    And, still no good answers from their tech support about how to workaround this.

    I’m in the market for another cable provider!

  21. Hi Chris! Haven’t seen you since SIC in Tampa…..
    Comcastic Rant:
    This is Jan 2007 and all through the end of December 2006 I could get to just fine, but try to do a search on Google web and could not resolve. MapQuest is also messed up on Comcast’s DNS servers. Call Comcast and they just say yes we’ve had other reports too but we don’t know what the problem might be. I’m telling them their DNS servers are acting up again and they send me a link on how to set up the Comcast connection from scratch. Suppose I have it set up correctly or I wouldn’t be hitting any sites at all.
    What to do next?? Change providers AGAIN….?

  22. I have been with Comcast with last 5 years. It used to be stable.

    I do gaming with connections on 24×7. The connection drops literally a few times a week now, no matter what. Just about a month ago, I decided to switch wireless router, from D-link to Linksys. It’s still the same. Then an upgrade to a newer firmware on Linksys screwed up the router pretty bad (manufactor problem, btw). I started to get disconnected 5 times a day. I switched back to my old D-Link. Things went back to normal for a while. Now starting this week, I am getting disconnected once a day.

    It is really frustrating. I start to think it’s really a comcast problem. Repeaters outside of my house were replaced. The cable modem’s replaced (due to some problems last year, packet loss.) .. even routers. I am not sure what else I can do. (It’s not the ethernet cable – 1 wireless, 2 ethernet connected. All drop at the same time.)

    I’ve called Comcast a few times for tech support in the past. Their tech support has no depth of knowledge in networking. At times I even narrowed some problems down to router IP address. They can’t find anyone who have access to the router, and can only tell you to schedule an appointment a few days away. Of course, the problem fixes itself by the next time.

    I am tempted to switch now…

  23. I’ve been with them for about a year now & not impressed at all with the server stability. Loved the idea about overriding the Dynamic addressing and bummer that we can’t do that now. I think thier servers are likely way under-powered and such to deal with all the bandwidth and file-hosting junkies to give us acceptable service. I have a rented modem and US Robotics 5461 wifi router using 2-3 cabled connections and 1 wifi. I keep both the router and modem on a vented shelf with a strong industrial 4″ computer fan blowing across or through. I like the router best for its firewall keeping my anti-hacker chores way down. I am considering switching to WOW! as they are much cheaper and spec 3 IP addies (static?!) for all the connection speeds. Couple that with Comcast beginning to garble our cable channels now. I wired the 2 splitters myself and grounded them to a grounded water pipe in my basement. The first is a 2-way with 1 jack net using RG6 and the other feeds a 4-way to 4 tv’s using mostly rg59 for basic cable. Much better than a neighbor’s setup across the street set up by Comcast’s techs and rechecked often by them. Several mickey-moused splitters and no grounds all outside. My own tv is a late-model Sony 24″, so looks as good as can be for basic cable use and awesome with console games and DVD’s. Comcast is spoiled rotten like King Richard of Nottingham. That rant from a Comcast employee was interesting, but incomplete of bigger picture.

  24. Comcast is on a sharp decline, when it comes to customer service. I have been a customer for 7 years and can state that customer service is at an all-time low.

    Avoid Comcast, if you can.

    They switched my primary account identity without my knowledge or permission. That caused serious email and newsgroup issues. After working with them about this issue for five very long days, it is obvious that they simply don’t care.

    If you can choose, choose other than Comcast.

  25. I have Comcast cable tv only because the satellite systems can’t get a line of sight from my house and because Adelphia “handed” me over to Comcast. I am extremely frustrated with Comcast’s service and their general attitude. I live in a community that has gone largely over to satellite systems because of the inadequacy of Comcast, so with so few subscribers, they could care what kind of service the rest of us get. We have channels that lose their sound for hours on end, other channels that break up repeatedly, and others that show a test pattern on half the screen every 5 minutes. Yet when any of us make our calls, the person answering the phone seems to consider the call a nuisance and blames us for our television equipment. If no more than 4 people at any given time call about a problem, they will not address the issue at all. I am ready to write the CEO. There is no way I would ever entrust my computer system to these people.

  26. For ten days, my connection has been down or crawling from 5-6 am, which is when I check mail, pay bills, etc. It’s 6meg when I get home at 6 pm, which it what it should be in my area. I inquired by e-mail if maybe that was a regular diagnostic/upgrade period for Comcast. It seems customer support is not privy to that information. O….kay. They suggested I re-start my modem. Jeez, will they EVER get over that? I called in and talked to a rep who said that given the regularity of the outage, it probably wasn’t any of my hardware (finally!). He said he was a former field tech and, believe it or not, he had seen cases where during cool nights, the coax would actually shrink and could cause a problem if not properly stripped/connected. It’s been in the mid eighties during the day and mid-forties to high fifties at night here for a couple of weeks. So this morning, I checked it out. Sure enough, at 5:30am I was dead. At 7am, the sun hit the pole my cable drop comes from. At 7:30, I could almost connect. At 8:30 Speakeasy said I was at 300k. I had stuff to do so I didn’t check again until about 11am when I was at 6meg, which, again, is normal for my rural area. Any comments?

    Uncle Dave

  27. I have had a crackling phone line for 6 days which makes it possible to hear every third word on the phone. I have registered a ticket, had a service rep come out and even he said it had to be fixed internally. I continue to call and now even the calls from my cell phone are being dropped by the phone transfer system when I call comcast. It always gives me a laugh when I call on my land line and the service rep askes if they can contact me on a different line! No one can tell me when my line is going to be fixed and I am supposed to find this acceptable!!!!
    If you are considerering Comcast..think again they provide no customer service. Deni

  28. I have a Comcast DVR that has been working without issue for sometime. Recently, I starting having trouble with audio on some (but not all) the channels. I have no problems with the picture. For example, I have no audio on channel 13 (FOX) but I have audio on 113 (FOX). I seem to be mising audio on about half the channels. Any ideas?

  29. Today my regular working TV sans the Comcast black box (1 free) did not work. I called Comcast and demanded they immediately cancel service and send me the bill. Further, I asked them to come by and pick up their free black box. They arranged for Thursday morning. I will have it ready and packed.

    TV sucks.


  31. I called Comcast twice today, to get Cable and Internet service. First, they told me that the house I am going to rent wasn’t in their system, and they would have to inspect it. On the next call, they said it WAS in their system, but they would have to call back, and never did. Next, my girlfriend called. When it looked as if our account had almost been set up, she handed the phone to me so I could give them the account info. They said they would call beck, and have not done so. I then tried online chat, to the same end. The house currently has Comcast in it, as does the landlord’s house next door.

    Does one have to BEG Comcast, to get an account, and get billed every month? Good Christ. DSL look better and better.

  32. i have comcast, but i tell you i am really P—– at yhem. can’t get a answe to much problems. i been trying for mont.hs The hardest part is that i am deaf. i really don’t have anyone to call for me that can explan my problems

  33. I have comcast but i tell you i am so sorry that i got mixed up with then, i have trouble since i had them, i just can’t get an ansawer, the worst part is that i am deaf, and my wife doesn’t under stand the poblem, so here i am stuck. any help would be appricate. thanks Joe

  34. So far, I am not impressed at all with our cable/internet/phone switch over from Insight to Comcast! We had no phone service one day, my internet works sometimes, sometimes it doesn’t or it is extremely slow. I have been having constant problems with my email and I haven’t been receiving a bunch of emails that were sent to me. For what we pay, we should have better service. When I call customer service, all I get is a recording or someone that transfers me to someone else about 8 times. No one seems to be able to answer the simplist question and you don’t even call your local office-you could be calling a different state and then they are not educated on what promotions your local state is presently running. I am fed up and if it weren’t for needing cable, I would switch to a different company all together!

  35. Comcast stinks. In the few months I’ve had it, it’s been down at least once a week with no explanation. I had to find my OWN trouble with my line after their “tech” guy was inside my house for an hour.

    Now they’ve truly screwed up my wireless router I just purchased last week.

    I hated Comcast before with my tv cable, and I DESPISE THEM NOW.

  36. what happens when your in bed are just watching comcast tv and when suddenly you have a medical condition and you need to call 911 and the phone service is down what are you going too do? it happened to me and i have a law suit pending!

  37. this is a question about just TV I have comcast cable (no box just the basic and upper tier service). I have an older tv, Kinda new LCD tv and a new HD TV – It doesent seem to matter what station but the audio will cut out and sometimes the picture will freeze for a second. I was just wondering if its the broadcasters having problems or do you think its comcast?
    Its getting very annoying when the sound cuts out 4 or 5 times in an hour.

  38. i would like to get tech support for personal video calling service setup with my own phone line hookup to my broadband connection. will you please test my phoneline and my broadband connection. so i could do my own personal video calling service setup with my phoneline hookup to my broadband connection and i have a builtin webcam on my hp notebook

  39. Comcast has a monopoly on high-speed internet in my area, so unless a person wants to be saddled with PoS DSL we’re stuck with it. There’s a weird virus affecting my mom’s Comcast email that prevents her from composing new email, replying, or forwarding. Kind of renders an email account unusable, no? Monopolies of any kind suck because the monopolist in question (Comcast) can provide crap service at great expense.

  40. On Monday 5/24/2010, we were watching the final show of the series 24. Our Comcast network experienced problems. No apologies, no corrections. We watched this program from it’s beginning. This was a disaster! Tonight, 5/27/2010, while watching the evening news, we experienced more technical difficulties. Please give an explanation

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