Everything they say about JetBlue? It's true – and then some. The only disappointing part of my JetBlue experience thus far has been in seeing that they only fly to NYC from Seattle. Here at JFK, they provide free Wi-Fi… FREE WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS for everybody. Oh, and they also set up a huge area for those of us who require power – with plenty of outlets to go around. Uh, so… tell me why all the other airlines and airports on the planet aren't this clueful? We're in the JetBlue terminal, so the experience appears to be completely owned by them – from the day spa, to the hair salon, to the kid's play area. This is the way air travel should be – are you listening, airline industry?! No wonder American Airlines, Delta, United, etc. are having problems. Compared to JetBlue, everything else is a total waste of time and money.
Then, there's the actual FLIGHT – which I enjoyed just as much (at least, coming out here). Before the doors shut, the pilot came out and welcomed us “in pesron.” It was five hours en route, overnight, but the in-seat satellite television was supremely appreciated. They even claim that you can “ask for another soda,” although I don't typically drink much when I'm on a plane. Plus, their snack options were not hydrogenated. What the hell is going on here?! Am I in an episode of the Twilight Zone?! Is there something on the wing?! THIS AIRLINE IS AMAZING!!! David Neeleman, you get it.
So, JetBlue? As long as you never change your tune, I'll always sing for you.