Using VIA's Mini ITX

Known primarily for the Humidor PC series of computers, Jeffrey Stephenson has branched out recently with his 1930’s Art Deco/Machine Age series of computer case designs. Inspired by the artists of that era, Jeffrey has built computers that soften the blow of hard-edged technology. The radio industry in the thirties, faced with resistance to bringing their products into the parlor, met the same challenges as media center PCs do today by providing livingroom quality pieces. These classic radio designs are being given reconsideration as an alternative vessel for today’s latest computer technology. VIA has enabled these extraordinary designs by providing fully integrated mainboards and cool running CPUs. Jeffrey recently showed his latest cigar humidor-based design, the Humidor Cluster. This computer was unveiled at QuakeCon this year to a ‘very visibly awestruck crowd’ as one observer noted.

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