muvee Makes Movies Fun!

muvee Technologies is the pioneer and leader in automatic video production. Its award-winning muvee autoProducer software lets anyone instantly transform dull video and pictures into professional-looking multimedia productions. Simply give muvee your video/pictures, add music, and pick a production style. In minutes, muvee intelligently selects the best scenes and automatically cuts them to the music with effects and transitions synchronized to the beat.

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5 thoughts on “muvee Makes Movies Fun!”

  1. If anyone has any time to help me…I have a serious issue with muvee autoproducer 6. I have spent too many hours over the past week trying to find a way to export a muvee project so I can take it to church. None of the files are compatible. DVD doesn’t work. What video I did get has none of the audio I added. I am at a loss. Right now my feeling is once I get my project finished I am uninstalling this crappy program. It came with my computer and it was fun and easy to use…until I had to get it out of the coomputer. My alternatives at this point are transfer all the images and sound to Power Point or disconnect my home computer and drag it to church. muvee is a joke.

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