Growing up, my dad had a Pachinko machine in the basement. My brothers and I used to play with it all the time. It didn't have any fancy lights, but… I still remember the sound of those pachinko balls flipping and flopping down the front of the game board. Tomorrow's live broadcast, starting at 7PM PST (-08:00 GMT), will feature an interview with Mike Coleman – pachinko-addict and spokesperson for the recent debacle on DRM. Now, if you've never played pachinko, it's kinda like pinball – only vertical with smaller metal spheres. I guess there's a restaurant here in Seattle that has tons of pachinko machines in it?

3 thoughts on “Pachinko”

  1. We were lucky enough to have two or three Pachinko machines when we were growing up. We got good at “fixing” those things ourselves.
    Over the course of years, we lost many balls into cracks & behind large appliances, though.
    We had the old-school kind where you have to shoot the balls yourselves (not like the wussy electric automatic-shooting machines you find nowadays)!

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