Creative Zen Micro

A few months ago, Ponzi inherited a Creative Zen Micro. I'm now starting to see Creative advertising these itsy-bitsy MP3 SOBs on billboards across town (at least, here in Seattle). The Zen Micro is definitely a great device – in theory. Methinks Creative needs a few more firmware upgrades to iron out problems that more than one user seems to be having. The navpad seems to be a bit sensitive, even on the low settings. Understand, too, that iPod owners have complained just as loudly about losing the mechanical dial in favor of the touchpad. The Zen Micro (as well as other Creative products) seem to suffer from battery charging / draining issues, too – making for a less-than-thrilling experience. Dunno. They're the best thing for “small” WMA-compatible playback, but methinks Creative really needs to “flash” their engineering department.