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A few months ago, Ponzi inherited a Creative Zen Micro. I'm now starting to see Creative advertising these itsy-bitsy MP3 SOBs on billboards across town (at least, here in Seattle). The Zen Micro is definitely a great device – in theory. Methinks Creative needs a few more firmware upgrades to iron out problems that more than one user seems to be having. The navpad seems to be a bit sensitive, even on the low settings. Understand, too, that iPod owners have complained just as loudly about losing the mechanical dial in favor of the touchpad. The Zen Micro (as well as other Creative products) seem to suffer from battery charging / draining issues, too – making for a less-than-thrilling experience. Dunno. They're the best thing for “small” WMA-compatible playback, but methinks Creative really needs to “flash” their engineering department.

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  1. Wow!!! When did you become the “Apple bashing geek” I thought you we fun (If a little zany) on Tech TV. Now, you seem to be the new evangelist (bought and paid for, I might add) for Windows Media Player, Tell me how it is better for anyone if Microsoft controls all of the digital content on the web?

  2. In fact, iPod owners complained loudly about the mechanical dial wearing out and sung the praises of the touchpad click wheel for its durability and ease of use. I frankly don't know many that even care about the Zen Micro. iPod is superior! Ponzi deserves the best! Get her an iPod Pirillo! 🙂

  3. iPods are fine but are not the second coming that many seem to think. It's amazing how many people buy into the hype. My hat's off to apple for the great advertising campaign they came up with. I wonder how many iPod owners think that Bose is quality equipment also…
    As for the first poster… iTunes and AAC – you should bash Apple as well M$ for the games they play.

  4. IPOD = Hype. Do more research than watching MTV. Creative has some great MP3 Players, but they usually have a bug or defective part. Sony has a nice player out right now.

  5. Last Fall I bought a Zen Touch 20GB and so far haven't had any hardware problems, it just works. Only problem I've had is with certain podcast audio files encoded at a low sample rate. I'd be curious to hear if the Zen Touch Micro has the same problem.
    Here's my original write-up on the sample rate problem with more details:
    Creative Zen Touch Playback Problems

  6. I've just bought the Zen Micro this week and its pretty perfect. There are firmware updates on Creatives website ( which help with the touch-pad sensitivity and the battery life issues (apparently the battery problems come up when you plug the charger into the player when its already plugged into the mains.) There is also a nice firmware update that allows you to sync with WMP10 and supports “play-for-sure” as well as allowing you to use the Zen Micro on an XP machine without having to install any drivers.

  7. Seems like I was totally hoodwinked into buying a Zen Micro
    At CES I was told it DOES support audible. The term the guy in the Creative Booth used was “Audible Ready”, just before he took my creditcard. Even gave me a gift card for 2 FREE audible downloads.
    Well when I got to read the card, it's good for NEW members to get first month free (when you agree to sign up for a year at $21.95 per month). NOT good for 2 free downloads as stated, and not at all valid for existing members of audible.

  8. I have run 2 Sony MD boxes for the last year – the software transfer completely sucks. I am now running 2 Zen Micros – the software just works. Sure, the interface is a little testing to get used to, but as long as I am not in the outside lane, lighting a smoke, on the phone and trying to drink some coffee, the touchpad is not that hard! Well done, Creative – Sony, say “sayonara” to my customer loyalty. makefast//

  9. Hello folks (and Chris),
    I have googled and come across your site whilst searching for upgrades to my Creative Zen Touch 20gb so I can use my dowloaded books on it.
    You all seem to know about MP3 players tech sides and I wonder if I might pick your brains with a problem I have?
    Creative say they are not providing an upgrade for the 20gb Zen Touch, Audible say the same…I only bought it to listen to books….perhaps a little more research was needed!!!!!
    Would any of you be willing to bring me up to speed with any info you may have on whether I will get my needs met? I want to download an listen to books on my Zen Touch…is there a way for me to do this?
    Many thanks
    Sean (Scotland)

  10. Got Zen Micro 20GB 3days ago and it keeps crashing. Using Zen software to rip CDs onto Zen and the thing keeps crashing. Really frustrating. Screen freezes to 'Docked' image and will do NOTHING until the battery runs dead! Any one else had the same problems? Or even better, any one got a solution? HELP!!!!!!!

  11. I have the same problem with my Zen V Plus. It keeps freezing and I have to just leave it until it drains, I can’t even turn it off. This is really frustrating as I only got it yesterday and have been waiting over a month for it to arrive!!!!! Any suggestions?

  12. Natasha, just got mine last week and the same thing happened to me. Go to the Creative Knowledge Base and search on freezing. Try cleaning the files by reseting the device and holding down the play button. Then select reboot. This worked for me. Also try checking if you need a firmware update.

    Hope this helps.

  13. I’ve a Zen Micro 5GB and Zen Neoon 5GB and de best thing is that both the players freezes! It really sucks!

  14. I have the very same problem. I tried uploading songs to it and all went well untill it froze while uploading a song. I cancelled the upload as it was the only obvious thing to do and tried to disconnect the damn thing – it still sad DOCKED… Hell, I then tried to shut it down, but guess what?! The smart-arses that built that thing have made it impossible to shut down.. Even with the advice mentioned above. I just can’t believe that a company like Creative can scam people like that… Ohwell i’m off to get my replacement tomorrow.

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