Podcasting Dinner

Podcasting is all the rage, with our without an iPod. It’s been said that we’re podcasting, but… I still hate that label. Since we do both live and pre-recorded shows, it’s difficult to say that we’re doing one thing (podcasting) over another (broadcasting). I don’t own an iPod. I’m just a gnome – so does that make me a gnomecaster? Well, here’s another gnomecast for you – quick, easy, and fun.

A Podcast on Podcasting Podcasters

Look at how many podcasting geeks we had last night! It’s a veritable podcast cast.

Eric Rice, Jake Ludington, Emile Bourquin, Tim Bourquin, Alex Williams, Michael Geoghegan, Doug Kaye, Phillip Torrone, Rob Greenlee, and Peter Yorke. I suppose it could be said that these are podcasters, one and all.

You can actually hear me channel the podcasting spirit of Muhammad Ali towards the very end of this Microsoft Windows Media Video report. Sorry, ya just can’t view this on your iPod:

Click to Watch the Synopsis in Windows Media