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Some of you had a chance to catch the first two Chris Pirillo Show broadcasts live at CES. Our producer, Jake Ludington, just returned home to Seattle last night (as he opted to drive instead of fly). It was great to have a small audience and to interview so many people within a two and a half-hour time span! Once Jake decompresses, he’ll be taking the recorded audio and posting it here for your enjoyment. We also had the opportunity to do some on-the-scene reporting with other geeks in Las Vegas, and will likely place those quick interviews here within the coming week as well.

A few of you have asked when you might catch the latest live show. This week, we’ll begin streaming at 7PM PST on Thursday (the 13th) – although I’m not certain if that’ll be our normal live time. Once we get a feel for how and when you’ll be able to tune in, we’ll make our schedule a bit more permanent. I’d like to keep it live in the evening hours, FWIW. That said, we also have plans to publish several pre-recorded segments in between shows.

Our guests this Thursday will be Robert Scoble and his wife, Maryam!

The following are the show notes for the January 12th, 2006 edition of the Chris Pirillo Show.

Anyone that listens to the show may edit the show notes within 24 hours of the live show. No password is required. To prevent vandalism the show notes cannot be edited after the Friday evening following the live show.


Win a Xbox 360, PSP, or other great prizes!

Chris is giving away one substantial gift on every live show. By substantial we’re talking at the level of a PSP or Xbox 360! We’ll likely rotate the “big gift” every week, but it’ll always be worth a few hundred dollars!

For your chance to win tune in, join us in the chat, and call in! How difficult is that? No joke!

Tom Huntington Talks DivX (CES 2006)

If you’ve downloaded more than a few video files, chances are you’ve played a DivX or DivX compatible (XviD) movie on your computer. DivX is arguably among the most popular video formats for creating and distributing videos online. The latest version of DivX supports a variety of DVD-like features, including menuing and special features, as well as supporting playback of HD content from plain-old DVD drives. With millions of consumer electronics devices supporting DivX, including most set-top DVD players, it seems natural to expect this format to continue to proliferate for many years to come. Tom Huntington of DivX talks with Chris about the current state of DivX, using DivX compatible devices, and some of the hurdles faced by consumers in getting DivX support on their favorite devices (Sony PSP, Xbox 360 and iPod being the three glaring devices with no DivX support). If you’re a fan of downloadable video content, this is a must-listen interview.

Listen in MP3 format

Listen in WMA format

Cevia Digital Photo Receiver (CES 2006)

The evolution of digital pictures keeps getting easier in terms of sharing photos online, but transmitting them efficiently to friends and family can still be a little tricky. While you could use an online photo printing service, another alternative is to install a digital frame in each family member’s house and blast out pictures as they are taken. That’s exactly what Ceiva does with a stylish photo frames capable of displaying digital images in a variety of sizes up to 1024×768 on a screen about the size of an 8×10. The company also provides a service to manage your photos online, making it possible to share images out to digital frames located in households around the country. If you’re looking for a gift for that uncle who has everything, Ceiva frames might be just the thing. Listen in for some of the coming developments and some insight from Chris on what makes digital frames cool.

Hear Ceiva in MP3 Format

Hear Ceiva in Windows Media Format

Tania Chew on muvee autoProducer (CES 2006)

I’m notorious for taking hours of video footage and leaving the contents to rot on tape. Editing is often too much work in my already busy schedule. I think it would be great to capture the moment on tape, so I can review it later, but realistically, my time is far too limited to actually spend the time processing everything I record. One of the few apps optimized for people who hate video editing (or simply don’t have time) is muvee. The app examines your video footage and creates a highlight reel of sorts, grabbing scenes from your raw footage, adding effects and styles, sequencing music and outputting a finished product that looks and sounds too good to be true. Chris is also a huge fan of muvee for many of the same reasons. He stopped by the muvee booth at Showstoppers during CES 2006 for a conversation about recent improvements to muvee.

Hear Tania Chew in MP3 Format

Hear Tania Chew in Windows Media Format

Steve Bass on Windows Vista (CES 2006)

When you get two of the pickiest Windows users on the planet sharing a microphone, you’re bound to have an interesting conversation develop. Steve Bass of PC World fame joins Chris to debate the discovery of Maxthon back in its MyIE2 days. They swap stories about favorite Windows apps with a healthy dose of good-natured one-upmanship with one or the other of them always having a slightly better utility too solve your computing problem. A discussion of Windows Vista based on the public builds seen so far provides the launch point for a conversation that keeps changing directions. As the conversation demostrates, Steve and Chris are among the most vocal of PC enthusiasts constantly pressuring the Windows software community to create a better experience for everyone.

Hear Steve Bass in MP3 Format

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Scott Hedrick Sings Opera (CES 2006)

While the debate over best browser for Windows is still hotly debated among both Firefox fanatics and Opera enthusiasts, there is little doubt that Opera reigns supreme in the world of portable browsing. With a lightweight client for cell phones, smart phones, PDAs and just about anything you can put in your palm, Opera aims to make the portable browsing experience the best it can be. At the CES 2006 Showstoppers, Chris talked with Scott Hendrick, Executive VP of Home Media for Opera, about what’s new in the portable browsing world, how Opera works as a portable solution and what we can expect from portable browsing in the future. As for which desktop browser is better, you can download Opera and Firefox and decide for yourself. Personally, I’m sticking with Maxthon.

Hear Scott Hedrick in MP3 Format

Hear Scott Hedrick in Windows Media Format

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