SonicWALL Content Filter Service

Screw you, SonicWALL Content Filter Service. Yes, you read that right – screw you in a big way. I've got readers out there who wanna see my disgusting pictures of hangnails and zits, and you're blocking them because you believe (and I quote) that this site contains “Adult/Mature Content.” Uh huh. Well, then… might as well make it all official and post naked pictures of your CEO and lead programmers, eh? What about your marketing staff – are they up for a roll in the digital hay anytime soon? Oh baby, I love the way you write your code and block those crazy offensive Web pages. My life is much more complete when I get hot and bothered by your censorship service. Andrew Phelps first brought this sexy stop message to my attention this morning via his wireless connection at Panera. There's no better combo than Bread and Mccarthyism. And the best part about this entry is: none of you dipswitches will ever see it. Content Filter Service? Go “filter” yourselves.

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  2. hey man great filter but i cant get how i take it off because i got a school computer and they dont know how to take it off

  3. LOL Understandable, SonicWALL Content Filter Service sucks. I’m currently a senior at my highschool and I can’t even get into NEOPETS because it is considered “games”. (No, I was not intentionally going to it to play games, I wanted to go to WoW, but hey, I got desperate!) C’mon, whats wrong with playing games during a class where the teacher makes no sense what-so-ever? But whatever, this blog rocks. 🙂

  4. SonicWall SUCKS! we have it at our school and i wanna kick the computer in the face! it seems that every single site is blocked. they also block every site that contains info about proxy’s and myspace. it suxs big time.

  5. SonicWALL is disgusting. I thought about pushing a petition through my high school last year when it was first installed. I actually wrote a statement but never released it because I was working for the school at the time and was already on bad terms with my employer (I know, I’m terrible, I have flexible values, etc.)

  6. Websense SUCKS!!!!!!!
    Every friggin website is blocked and I feel like burning that company so bad!!! I…..HATE……IT!!!

  7. This SonicWall filter service is just another program. Somebody find a hack for it!!!!! Or a bypass or something its annoying I’ve been looking everywhere for a way around the SonicWall but I’m blocked from hack sites. Peace

  8. I am not sure I understand. There is a product that is doing exactly what the owners want it to do (block websites they don’t want people going to), and everyone writes the product sucks. No one needs to play games or view myspace at school or work. I have a great idea. Do that kind of stuff at your home on your own time. School is for learning and work is a place where you spend all of your time making someone else richer, but not a place for “fun” internet stuff.

  9. man…i understand what you are saying..but you know what’s funny? my school has a myspace page and myspace is blocked..hypocrites? and they allow you to go to…but if you type in it will block it.. stupid morons ^_^

  10.,,,,…try every tunnel in the alphabet…at first they blocked v,a,b, and c tunnel..but got tired of it and now we used !!

  11. Hey guys. I know that blocks suck. I totally agree.I mean when your in a class and you having nothing to do you should get to have a little fun. But stupid blocks don’t let you. I know that they may not help but there is an anonymous proxy that isn’t blocked at most schools. Its called Then there is it is in cache form and it sucks of there is no html but you can go where ever. I get on myspace because I get bored at school and never have time to check it when I get home because I work. I got a program off a friend to get aorund them and as soon as I get it running on my computer I ‘ll put it up.

  12. at my school to get around sonicwall people go to google, type in proxies, click on “server, proxies in your yahoo directory” then click alphabetical to put the listings in alphabetical order and click
    The only problem is that sometimes hidebehind doesn’t work, it will say website is down or internet cannot connect, something along those lines

  13. I tried your IP adress finder sites and the filter at my school blocks IP’s also we need some kind of bypass software or somthing I mean someone has to know about somthing.

  14. Oh you touch my TALTALTAL MY DING DING DONG!!!!!!!!!!! So, IT’S MY WAY OR THE HIGH WAY!!! *sings* mother ————————- THAT’S RIGHT!!!! mother —————————

  15. My tax dollars are NOT going for kids to play computer games, post blogs, or randomly surf the web at school. My tax dollars ARE going for students to get a good education and learn to be a productive part of society. The computers at school are paid for by taxpayers and are for educational purposes only. If you want to play games or use the Internet recreationally then do it at home on your own time. You really can’t pull yourself away from myspace for an entire 7 hours?

  16. I see this is a hot button issue, not the least because this post tends to be at the top of the anti-SonicWall google rankings. 🙂

    Long and short of it is, SonicWall ‘sucks’ because much like every other content-filtering / site-blocking software, they attempt (but cannot hope to achieve) the categorization of every single website on the internet.

    Put another way, there is an aggravating number of websites incorrectly categorized and blocked, often in a way that could even be construed as potentially libelous – what if you run an innocent blog inaccessible from schools, public libraries, and companies everywhere – because it apparently contains ‘pornography’ or ‘hate speech’?

    Furthermore this would be less of an issue if SonicWall provided (a) notification to webmasters of their sites categorization and (b) a method to fairly challenge said categorization in cases where the above scenario has taken place. SonicWall does neither.

    And then, to top it all off, they have the alacrity to claim that each site, prior to categorization, is human-reviewed – a statistical impossibility at best.

    On the entirely separate topic of students that use the internet instead of learning, I humbly suggest that after paring away the lazy, you will find a core of bright but disinterested self-learners who are being failed by their education system. Certainly, I found during my highschool days that the internet was not only a welcome diversion, but one that taught me more about programming in a matter of weeks than two years worth of programming classes.

    Anyway, to all those attempting to defeat the grip of SonicWall, I humbly suggest, and Also… don’t get caught. 🙂

  17. For rolling updates on the current status of our battle against blog censorship – and for information on what you can do to help – please visit and bookmark this link:

    Also, if any of your readers find out about any more censorware companies, and/or WiFi sites, schools, and other venues that are strangling freedom of expression in this manner, please let us know so that we can get something done about it!


  18. Ironically I have spent more trying to get around SonicWall then I ever used to actually accessign the now blocked sites….I get what some people say about work time being used for work but when filters aren’t even lifted at lunchtime my FREE TIME I can’t help but get frustrated.

    Might I also add that the filter has now screwed up my Windows Live Mail access too so that can no longe rbe accessed from work!!!

    That is just internet nazism as far as I’m concerned. I HATE SONICWALL!!!!!

  19. “If you want to play games or use the Internet recreationally then do it at home on your own time. You really can’t pull yourself away from myspace for an entire 7 hours?”

    Sure i could pull myself away from myspace for 7 hours
    and i totally understand you point of view for other people
    but for me, im at a boarding school
    i havent checked mhy myspace since school started
    and im starting to go crazy i think 😮

  20. The only time I get on a computer is at school and now hanks to sonicwall I can’t do anything but work and I need a way around it so can any one help me out a little?



  21. hi. i was wondering if there is any bypass for utorrent?
    my school’s firewall blocked it. its sonicwall AGAIN
    if anyone has a bypass or a hack, please email me the into at [email protected]


  22. Often times Sonic Wall is a hindrance to learning. In many cases it blocks useful sites.

    On top of that, I’m in a networking class at a tech center for three hours, two of which I spend listening to an MP3 player and twiddling my thumbs.

    There are a few ways to get around it. You can create a VPN on your home computer and access it.

    Alternatively, you could download and install TightVNC on your Home PC.
    When it’s done, go to start-> All Programs -> Tight VNC-> Show user settings. Make sure to set your passwords. They should be strong and no more than 8 characters. Click apply, then ok.

    Then, plug in a flash drive. Open the install file again. Click next. Click next again at the agreement. Then, when it says “Select Destination Location” click browse and select your flash drive. Click next. Put an X next to “Tight VNC Viewer” . Click next. This will install the program to your flash drive. When it’s done, remove the drive.

    Open command prompt. You can do this by going to start-> Run
    Type “command” in the box and click run. When command prompt opens, type “ipconfig”. Your IP information will come up. Make note of your IP address.

    When you get to work or school and you want to get around the block, plug in your flash drive and run the “TightVNC Viewer” that you installed.

    Type in your IP address, and click connect. Then, type your password and proceed.

    This lets you access your home PC from anywhere you plug your flash drive into. Your home PC must be on for this to work! If you need any help or want more information [including more ways around blocks] email me at [email protected]

  23. Wait, I’ve got more. has free software. It’s 120 hours that you can use for 31 days. If I find a way to make this perpetual, I’ll update you all.

    Anyway, go to and click “download logmein free!” download it, yadda yadda, fill out the forms, make a not of password and username. Then, your home PC is set up.

    At school or work, go to, login and click remote connect. This connects you to your home computer and you have no limitations from school blocks! Like the above mentioned solution, make sure your home PC is on [and connected to the internet]

    Have fun getting around the system, and don’t let the man keep you down!

    I’m always looking for more ways to get around the blocks so I’ll help whoever I can!

    [email protected]

  24. ninjacover is now being blocked by my work as well.

    I teach and it’s blocking certain teaching sites from me. WTF???? This is not a personal thing, this is work related. I hate this thing.

  25. This message is for the anonymous poster and others who said that people shouldn’t be complaining.

    I just want to say this isn’t about work or school! I’m at giant food store right now in a frantic attempt to get some myspace stuff worked on for my band.

    We just sent our tons of promo packs and emails and we need to fix our site up and check emails so we can get a show ASAP. But we won’t be bringing giant business anymore. We used to be able to stop here to talk to contacts on myspace etc. to get badly needed shows but not anymore.

    I agree with you about the fact that people shouldn’t want to go on vulgar sites at work or school in a small sense. But even at work or school if you are on YOUR break or YOUR recess.

    At the very least you should be able to go to myspace sites or sites that do not contain vulgarity.

    The thing is sonic wall blocks more than vulgarity it blocks the whole thing. This may be happening because myspace fails to uphold its policy on vulgarity.

  26. Hey guys um well in our highschool its easy all the good sites are blocked but lookl at it this way…………… go to the store and buy a jump drive if ur highschool has laptops that is and go home and download all the sites u like on there then snap it in ur laptop and off you go simple eh!!

  27. for all you guys without highschool laptops i suggest re routing the server takes like 3 hours to do but its worth it lol im out have fun trying different ways to hack into sites

  28. Try or or whatever server number you desire, then type in It runs a little slow, but you can do anything as if the site is not blocked at all. Unlike vtunnel, where it is FAST but you cannot answer messages or comments, or friend requests.

  29. this suks my school blocked every single sit for games and downloads and i cant get around it withought haking itif anyone knows any other sites that kan get around sonicwall pleas HELPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. First off, don’t blame the product. Blama the organization that implemented it. That’s like blaming the brick wall for you hitting your head on it. It is a tool implemented for a purpose. Don’t slam it for being a good tool.
    Whether you are in a public or private school, a public or private corporation, and using equipment and netwrok infrastructure that does not belong to you in an organization you do not own, be prepared for and accept filtering. Without quoting many whitepapers on the topic, open internet access opens the door to attacks that an cripple an infrastructure, leak corporate secrets and information, and harrassment lawsuits. All you need in your public or private environment is for some uptight person to catch a glimpse of somrthing that offends them to sue the organization. It is not about blocking any “freedom” rights you might think you have to access information, but about an organization’s right to protect it’s environment. Just because my friend lets me use his car, it doesn’t give me any right to willingly smash it into the brick wall mentioned earlier. Try respecting the reason’s behind the filtering. If it filters out reasonable material contact the administrator of the device to allow access. They’ll usually have it fixed fasterr than you can circumvent it.

  31. Sonicwall really sucks!!!!!!!!!!! but I have an easy way to bypass it. Open
    Just type in your website on the box provided. There are three boxes. You can select on either of the three boxes provided. Just try where it works.
    This one works fine with me.
    NOTE: It’s “HTTPS:” not “HTTP:”

  32. Thank you for the help. I was considering purchase of a sonic wall for filtering web traffic. All the comments here have sealed it for me. I now know it works. You should get a commission from Sonic Wall for the sale you brought them.

  33. ok guys i go around sonicwall all the time at my school and what i found out is that any kind of https servers work if they havent been blocked yet but the school administrator hasent blocked any at my school yet so go ahead and try it a good one is that one works and this website has a whole lot of links to the same webpage so after they block one just go to another on the list . it would be advisable to write them down and put somewhere u wont lose.have fun.

  34. I have this argument with my friend all the time. I work in the tech department at a public school and we block tons of websites.

    I feel that it is a very good precaution, because I know that it is keeping children from accessing inappropriate material as well as games that would detract from the overall learning experience that the computers were originally purchased and implemented for.

    Whereas my friend would argue that there should be no filters what-so-ever. He believes that the parents and teachers should be responsible for what the children are exposed to when they surf the web as it is really up to them.

    While I partially agree with him in regards to how parents should step in and make sure their children aren’t just stumbling onto every vulgar site on the web, I do not feel that we should simply get rid of the Sonic Wall because a few people don’t like the fact that they cannot chat, check MySpace, or even look up certain words.

    I prefer that organizations take the time to block websites and ports because, when it comes down to it, you the user are not liable for any of the misdeeds that you may perform on a network, it is the person that is running the show that gets the blame.


  35. Yes we got sonicwall on are school to and it blocks evey thing proxys and down loads and yes i know its sad but games but not only that it also blocks most of the we sould use in school

    and we got 2003 sever so it even harder to get pass it

  36. Haha. I laugh at the people who think that blocks on websites are good. And I love it when people say

    “Glenn – August 9, 2007 @ 9:43 am
    My tax dollars are NOT going for kids to play computer games, post blogs, or randomly surf the web at school. My tax dollars ARE going for students to get a good education and learn to be a productive part of society. The computers at school are paid for by taxpayers and are for educational purposes only. If you want to play games or use the Internet recreationally then do it at home on your own time. You really can’t pull yourself away from myspace for an entire 7 hours?”

    Games are harmless. If the kid wants to play games let him or her do so. Ya never know what if that kid is studding how to make a game and he or she is getting reference material. And maybe that kid doesn’t have a computer at home that has internet because that kid is too poor. Also if you don’t like your employs going on the internet WHY THE FUCK DO YOU HAVE IT. Another thing Glenn and all you website block supporters out there SUCK ON THIS 8====D. The more you try to cover something up the more it will show.

  37. First, I help manage a private school’s network and to help secure it, we installed a sonic wall about 3 years ago. Many of the previous posters complain about schools blocking game sites. At my school, we also block the games category, but we do have exceptions for some of the online game sites, so the kids can play certain games. The reason behind our choice to block games is that many sites will try to install other software on the machines, are known to include trojans or other exploits, or have adult oriented games on them. By blocking the sites, we are able to actually get work done around campus instead of cleaning up the lab machines every day. The day that school resumed from Christmas break, there were over a thousand blocked viruses/trojans/exploits that originated from browsing the internet. Those are just the ones that came from unblocked sites; if we had the content filter off, that number would grow exponentially.

    As for those of you that are naive enough to think the SonicWall content filter can be turned off, just to let you know, there’s nothing you can do to get around it, other than using a proxy. The SonicWall is a high end router that sits between the internet modem and the schools network. It scans all incoming and outgoing traffic for viruses and such as well as whether or not to block the content. The only way to disable the sonic wall is to find your school’s or office’s server closet and bash it with a hammer.

    As for the previous poster who said,
    Games are harmless. If the kid wants to play games let him or her do so. Ya never know what if that kid is studding how to make a game and he or she is getting reference material. And maybe that kid doesn’t have a computer at home that has internet because that kid is too poor. Also if you don’t like your employs going on the internet WHY THE **** DO YOU HAVE IT. Another thing Glenn and all you website block supporters out there SUCK ON THIS 8====D. The more you try to cover something up the more it will show.”

    The problem with your arguments is that you assume that the users’ activities are legitimate. Schools and companies are responsible for what goes on inside their network and their internet usage. What if a kid gets on myspace, starts up a conversation with a stranger, and ends up getting abducted or worse. Who do you think is responsible? The legal system will say it’s the schools responsibility. What if an employee is sharing illegal materials from his company’s internet connection? Who do you think will be hit with the lawsuit or criminal charges? It won’t be the individual, that’s for sure. Content filters protect the schools and businesses from civil and criminal liabilities, while at the same time protecting computers and networks from stupid users.

  38. My school has this wall. We could go on youtube last year, but apparently they were still building the mortar, so this year all the good sites (youtube, g-video, etc) are all blocked. However we can still look at Chris’s blog. Just no live stream 🙁 .

    Im eagar to try youtube’s IP address to see if I can get youtube on a school computer 🙂 I hope they didnt block its IP too…

  39. one of the first few posts i relate to so well…i just want to log onto (wow) but the school sonic wall’d it last year and now i dont have nething fun to look at when i need to relax for about 2minutes. If i cant find out how to get past it w/ sites then i might have to LEARN to hack / program. I’m no where near a computer geek so this will take lots of time prolly till im in college but ill do what needs to be done.

  40. Fuck Sonic Wall, and fuck you who say well you shouldn’t be doing anything at work but working. Sonic wall blocks things that many of us need for work. Hell, I work at a MINE SITE, 90+hrs a week most weeks. Sonic Wall blocks things like, we need tools to work on machinery to keep the place going. In a job where there can be alot of down time sitting waiting, some access to non work things would be nice, but at least access to important things to our jobs. Waiting for parts or tools for hours or days because we can’t get to the fucking sites we need costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. Yes the product does what it is suppost to, but it is the SH(I.T) people that don’t know how to allow sites, ignore e-mails, calls, etc… that fuck it up for the workers. I’d like to see one of the m-f 9-5 fuckers come up here and do what we do. We are 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, and a truck or shovel being down can cost thousands of dollars an hour, and we can’t even get them to answer our e-mails to fix this shit.

  41. I agree, I have sonicWALL at my school, and it sucks! It blocks completely innocent sites, and it’s only effective like 10% of the time. Why block YouTube during recess? Just lay down a few rules for the videos you can watch on youtube, and that’s it. It’s so gay how they block YouTube…

  42. I just wanted to say that I HATE this SonicWALL thing, it doesn’t even let me get into MYSPACE! Anyone who knows a good proxy post it on this site okay?

  43. come on guys, there is a software that breaks this sonic wall issue
    it is called hot spot shield
    just search ot on net and install it to ur pc and it is stopping this sonic wall and u can enkoy all net

  44. I am a sysadmin for a medium sized technology company. Recently we have been battling users who use proxy servers to get around our sonicwall. Research led me to this site, I am appalled at the attitude of the children who think they have the right to do whatever they want with other peoples hardware/ internet connection. If you kids put 1/2 the effort into learning,that you do into getting around the firewall you’d be brilliant. Sadly you come across as a bynch of self centered brats. You should be expelled for your hacking efforts. When you get into the real world you will have a tough time. People that try this stuff at our company get fired for thier actions.

  45. hey im a nerd in my class and some of my friends have found a way to get past sonic wall. Were still working out the kinks and stuff but when we complete it i will tell you what to do. We sholud finish in aday or two

    ps this is for mac computers but we can find another way for linux or windows.

    pps i do make soft where

    ppps go to snowsalami cheeseglobe thornfruit

  46. by the way bob i dont like you because by producs are made to avoid sonic wall and all that other stuf. youll never block me you cant do no matter how hard you try. PS i do have a way to get around your blocking software. LET THE WAR BEGIN!!!!

  47. i know how to beat sonic wall and as for you bob what company do you work for because your next!

    and cant be expelled im not in school

  48. Wow, Bob, you actually made a very interesting point. I didn’t realize my attitude about “finding loop holes” was a serious problem i have. I hate rules, I hate people in authority above me, and i hate people who keep their signals flashing for another 10 mins after they made their lane change…..Anyways….

    Thanks for that deep insight, i’ve now been convinced i’m more liberal that i’d ever like to admit. So much for my conservative views :'(

    On a brighter note, I feel like my success in life is going to be achieved much faster!

    Thanks Bob, – you rule

  49. Hi u Haters!

    You know, I have 28 yo, and when I was young, there wasn`t that lot of c…, (that is the way to call it ’cause they fill of C… the head of the naives) but I wasn`t rated, my olds teach me instead to forbid(I know “such privilege” I Had).

    So the point is that the SonicWall it doesn’t allow me in MY HOUSE to install the msn, that’s rigth Windows Live Messenger, thats the dummiest thing “ever” .
    I wanna know how to configure the sonic wall, or even better, why hells my computer has Sonicwall if I hadn’t no idea of what it was`t until R now

  50. Hey guys i know this sucks.IT guys,you don understand.I see your point.But when get home we dont have time.I just want to be able to do something besides sit there were when i am done with my work.So i have a soultion.Here is my social it is no actually listed as a website,it isnt blocked.Enjoy!

  51. i f***in HATE SONICWALL!!!!!!!!!!!. there is no definite way to get around it using the sites posted on here. each one is different. depending on what sonicwall has blocked at your school. my best bet is to hop around proxy servers until you find one that isn’t blocked. for me it was try it out and see if it works.

  52. Idiots… You shouldn’t even use proxies if you don’t have to.

    By the way, just wanted to make a point to some those out there, if you really don’t want your tax dollars going to kids playing games then I suggest you realize that about all schools with laptops are CATHOLIC. That means you don’t pay for that unless your kid is going there, dumbass.

    I would give out a nice way to bypass everything, but then info would leak out to tech teachers all over.

  53. I know a way to get to facebook if you have one. instead of http, type in and it should work. it’s the oly site i can accually think of getting to, and it dont block aol or yahoo messanger, so if u know how to get to messenger that dosent have to be downloaded you can get it. hope this helps!

  54. i guess i’m dumb about all this url stuff! i just want to know how to disable sonicwall form the computer! and those urls listed above don’t help me very much! can someone help me, in simple terms to get rid of it! you can contact me at [email protected]

  55. Keep trying future of america well find some way to kill the gay wall they cant block everything check every site that deals with the end of sonicwall.

    Little league, sonic wall and liberal media are the downfall of society

    the man cant keep us down forever!

  56. Omg, SonicWALL freaking sucks…
    Our school just got it I believe 2 days ago. They used to have this program where they could only block a few sites. They’d block deviantart and gaiaonline but then had to unblock it do to need of space.
    Now they got sonicWall and it has blocked almost everything!!! x_x

    Dude, seriously, SonicWALL needs to fuck it’s mom -_-

  57. gah, this is gay. I’m about tired of having to use proxies to get on myspace from 8 AM – 3 PM. My home Internet is connected to the schools, and once summer started even when the admin lifted the ban off myspace, SonicWALL adds another one >.>

  58. All you who are tired of using proxies and trying to get around SonicWALL: Click here (not spam):

    It is free access to facebook, myspace, and others using google translator. I made the site and have tested it with SonicWALL, but I don’t know if it will get through some of the more strict versions of the filter. Hope it works and enjoy.

  59. SonicWall blocks more than it allows, so how do I do the required reading for required projects to get my passing grades? Block games and porn, fine–but to do any research on topics for a Current Events essay requires I be able to access certain news sites. But if there’s an article on a news site somewhere that has the word “sex” or “game” in it, I’m blocked. So instead of doing my required class work in Social Studies class, I work on other stuff and do class work when I get home. Even our teacher has complained about this, but he gets nowhere either. At least I’m learning a lot about the square wheels on the barge of bureaucracy…..

  60. man the solution is simple just folow this link and down the page is an place where zou can write your wanted page and click surf and the site is unblock i’m sorry for my writing hope ou’ll understand


  62. what most people against content filtering services like websense or sonicwall miss out is that the whole process is anything but transparent. The flaws in the system is that, the authorities implementing the filters are putting full faith in the 3rd party and in turn not trusting their own userbase. that itself is quite a weird thing. Forget harmless stuff, some of the online resources we’ve been told to visit for further information were blocked by the filtering service. and i can understand that it’d be a PITA for an admin to undo each of those 100’s of legitimate websites one by one as sonicwall and others keep adding more and more examples of just-for-fun filters.
    the filters aren’t effective in a way that would block bad sites without hampering on productivity by blocking useful sites…the main issue is not that myspace is blocked but even a tech article about some performance enhancements introduced into myspace also gets blocked coz the url has myspace somewhere in it. few weeks back, even tinyurl and snurl were blocked as proxies….are they really that bad?

  63. The school systems suck, nevertheless viewing mature adult content shouldn’t be done there. Instead tell them to give you reading materials needed to learn more about the environments you’re in, and dump materials that talk about scocieties 25,000 miles away from home 10,000 years ago. I have to bypass this stupid sonic wall filtering service in the computer community center where I do business.

  64. after a long day of travelling, i’m still stuck in the charlotte airport waiting for the flight that’ll finally get me home. just when i tried to use this precious free time to update my blog and watch some video on youtube – guess what, sonicWall blocks everything!

    i understand there’s some controversy in whether people should have full access to internet at work/schoo. but come on, the airport?!?! you’ve gotta be kidding me.

  65. Sonicwall doesn’t block anything. The network administrator running the sonicwall blocks what he or she wants to block. How effectively your sonicwall works depends on the level of your subscription service. (that’s why proxies work for some, but not for all). School are required by law to filter certain things (chiefly pornography, violence etc.) That is, schools are required by law to have a filter. Beyond that, what is blocked is determined by the administrator & by student behavior.

    Sonicwall blocks either by domain, or by category. Obviously, blocking by category is not 100% effective. You can also unblock by domain, so if a site that should not be blocked is, you should see your administrator & request that they unblock.

    All of that said, we would like to unblock everything that we can, by law, but the biggest issue this is student behavior. If students refuse to follow use policy rules at school, more & more sites will be blocked by catagory. If you can’t get to a legimate website that you need for your schoolwork, it is quite likely because many students in your school are not doing their work & the net result has been the over-use of the filter to stop as much goofing off as possible.

    Another issue that comes into play is network bandwidth. One of our biggest problems is that we are forced to block streaming media to keep student from reducing bandwidth to a crawl on airports where other students are actually trying to work.

    From my standpoint – follow the acceptable use policy & I will unblock everything I am allowed to by law.

  66. is the school administrator really does control sonicwall then the answer is simple. hope to god that they have a shared connection with another computer like at my school it’s SAU54. you also need computer administrator privileges for that you need safety mode i won’t reveal how to do that because of tech teachers viewing this. once inside the administrator computer access control panel. all of this is a theory and i hope it works =).

    try its yet another circumventor.

  67. This is a pretty funny blog. I work in the IT dept. at a school and I can tell you that while proxies will get you around some sonicwall filters (including ours) the use of such sites is forbidden by our acceptable use policy and we expell students for using them. Additionally, all traffic is logged by the sonicwall system so if you use a proxy, your administrator has the tools to know it. So if you are going to try using one of these methods to bypass it, be prepared for the consequences, and you might want to actually read your school’s acceptable use policy.

  68. In addition to the above – stop kidding yourselves. We can see what you are doing & anything can be blocked. It’s just a matter of how repressive you want things to get. While the sonicwall by itself can be bypassed in some instances that can be remedied with a simple internal proxy server. Beyond that, we start from a position of everything being open & then filter. It is possible to start from a position of everything being blocked & to selectively open. It is also possible to do this with a specific IP range – so it is quite possible to allow everyone else the most possible leeway & just shut you down. School administrators in general are interested in creating an environment in which students & staff can easily do their work. A very small percentage of students then proceed to demand more & more repression through the behavior described on this website. You are not fooling anyone, & your just asking for more limitations.

  69. Sonic wall can’t touch my blackberry. Yet another example of how the world has one set of rules for those with the money, and a different set of rules for those who don’t. I’ll keep my blackberry for classroom time and my Verizon PC Card with unlimited data for the rest of the time. Sure, it costs, but I’m censor-free. And I’m fortunate enough to not have to worry about the cost. Best of luck to you folks fighting it out with network admins in free wi-fi land.

  70. Dude, I hate sonicWALL so much. It freaking sucks. I did find something though…
    I think it’s called either or
    It sort of works and you have to enter the url of the website that you want to go to from there. At first it looks risky but it’s fine trust me.
    Anyways… I can’t wait til this fucking SonicWALL get out of business…

  71. Oh by the way, I used it today and it doesn’t seem to work anymore… So forget it if you go to my school.

  72. I have sonicwall at my school and my computer teacher says that only the principal can disable it. Do I have to drug him or is there another way? Email me.

  73. This is just downright ridiculous. I like to download mods from file to my jump drive because at my house downloads are ridiculously slow due to dial up. For a week or so Sonicwall didn’t block filefont, but now it does. Still, although I do not like content filtering, I do not want it to end. Finding ways to get around it is half the fun! Sure, using proxies has risk, but that only makes accessing the blocked URL all the more satisfying. So for the people at Sonicwall, thank you. You complete me, and know that I have a lot of fun finding new ways to get past your filter. You provide me with a challenge. You cannot win.

  74. Sonic wall sucks so much, it screwed up playlist for when people want to listen to music while they work, and it blocked jango, it blocked runescape, which i’m glad, cause runescape sucks!!! (no offense runegeeks) I also hate it because If some s*** head goes on a website that they happen to see you on, then they start to go on it, then they tell the f***in friends and, before you know it; it’s blocked!!!! SO SCREW YOU WEBSITE POSERS!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Now my f***in school blocked every single music site, then my schools, so called “computer technicians” took off the flash player on all the computers, so all the computers are so SLOW; and if there is too much going on on a computer they freeze up. So anything that you were working on will be erased and that’s just so GODDAMN RETARDED!!!! If it was up to me I would have them fired. I know they are doing there job, and there payed to figure out ways to make kids life suck at school, and having free time will just be a huge mistake and a huge waste of free time!! If they block one more thing thats at least a little bit entertaining, then the four years of being at goffstown high will suck balls!!! But at least I have proxy’s emailed to me by two or three different sites everytime one is blocked so really I shouldn’t complain. However, since they took the flash player was taken off, you can’t really do anything. If anyone has a question about a proxy, or wants a proxy, I’m happy to spread the love of the proxy!! my email is [email protected]

  76. What’s with this guy name nerd? if he was a nerd he would spell correctly. And he made 3 post right after eachother meaning the same thing buy saying it differently.

  77. You bunch of dumb a holes, websites are not blocked becuase they dont wnat your poor little buttholes to see nasty pictures. It is always about you kids today. The are blocked becuase most of them have maleware, addware, Virus which jam up a networks and bring it to its kness, who cares what you tireds want to look at.

  78. What makes me laugh is all the spoiled rotten little shitheads who think that a free service should cater to their whims and wants. Grow the fuck up!

  79. I understand the need for hardware/software like SonicWall. I even agree that it has it’s uses. But the real issue is that it sometimes blocks content that isn’t of an objectionable nature, content or sites that I might need to do my job better. Can you go to the network admin and make a case for it. Sure, sometimes. But in many instances there is either A) no access to the network administrator or B) they don’t care that they are making your life harder and can’t be bothered to make simple adjustments to allow certain sites to be accessed (or they don’t know how). If it just blocked games and porn, fine, but it doesn’t stop there.

    My company recently installed it to combat the influx of spam and trojans hitting our servers. Perhaps it is working there, but man has it made navigating the web a pain in the @$$.


  81. What I find HILARIOUS is that ye post ways around the Sonicwall making my job easier – thanks 😀

    The systems in your schools/businesses are there to help you learn. You don NOT own them – you are given the best of the best and every chance to help you mature and learn and you kids still complain.

    Sonicwall FTW!!

  82. Bob:I am a sysadmin for a medium sized technology company. Recently we have been battling users who use proxy servers to get around our sonicwall. Research led me to this site, I am appalled at the attitude of the children who think they have the right to do whatever they want with other peoples hardware/ internet connection. If you kids put 1/2 the effort into learning,that you do into getting around the firewall you’d be brilliant. Sadly you come across as a bynch of self centered brats. You should be expelled for your hacking efforts. When you get into the real world you will have a tough time. People that try this stuff at our company get fired for thier actions

    very good point Bob… im gonna get to work thanks to Bob lol

    although i do belive sonicwall needs to step it down a tad they block almost everything on the internet its like the internet is a jew and their a nazi (no racism intended)

    anyways im off to do some schoolwork


  83. all you little pukes are bitching that SonicWall filter service sucks because you cant game or surf porn during the day when your supposed to be studying and doing school work that more then likely your parents have worked hard providing the money that is paying for it.

    suck it up you bunch of homos, get educated and get a fucking job.

    you hate it because it works.. the admins of the firewall have the option to tweak it .. they don’t because they love the fact your puny brains are suddenly without the mindless idiotic things you do and forced to inhale that of which is life.

  84. Why dont all you looser go home and use your own dam internet service with no CFS. Surf all the porn you want just dont forget to download your trojans first.

    I install these Sonicwalls for Clients (whom pays the bill for the internet service). If they choose to block contect on thier network its thier right. SURF SOMWHERE ELSE.

    You all bitch about sonicwall CFS, but maybee its your own browsing habbits that have forced your employers in deploy such measures.

  85. I think all you ppl who want to abuse surfing whilst at work, you are getting paid to work as an employer you can surf in your own time. And for you ppl at school go and educate yourselves thats why you are there.


  86. my work compputer is blocked from any and all sites that can keep me from not working. facbook is my main life and i need it. I work all da ywit out ever getting ono please help.

  87. Hey everybody,
    Y’all can check out or lbgames.weebly for some free unblocked games at school/work. This is a subdomain and therefore will never get blocked. Check it out-it really works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. wow, you know all you people bitch about stuff being blocked. And yeah i know it sucks. But when you’re job consists of having to maintain all the computers and network in a “many user” environment. Well removing malware adware only is fun for a little while. Think about IT people that have to deal with this stuff everyday all day. So not only yes, but hell yes. I’m going to block everything I possible can from my users besides what they NEED for school or work. “play” on the interent at home. Not on something i get paid to maintain.

    Sr. Network Admin
    Houston, TX

  89. and someone mentioned “why block youtube”

    mainly because youtube and ALL other streaming media sites devour thru-put on a network’s connection upstream.

    in other words, when you are watching youtube, that’s fine. But when the whole damn office or school is watching youtube and listening to their internet radio we can’t talk on VoIP phones, we can’t make offsite backups of data, basically we can’t do our (IT professionals) jobs. I mean if you want to pay the hundreds of dollars more each month for a faster connection and more thru-put, I’ll start taking donations and start unblocking sites. XD And for you students, think about this….you’re school or college’s data connection to the internet is more than likely paid for by the state or federal funding, most likely a state or federal grant. Guess who’s paying for that….oh, that’s right the tax payers, myself included, and your parents. We don’t desire the future adults of this nation spending their time on youtube and other fascinating, but almost educationally useless sites.


  90. Got to admt SonicWall CFS does a damn good job, but thanks for all the proxy sites I’ll pass them on to the SonicWall team so they can add them to the list 🙂

    BTW I’m an IT Technician 🙂

  91. I have sonicwall at my school and my computer teacher says that only the principal can disable it. Do I have to drug him or is there another way? Email me.

  92. unlock for RiversideBrook High School its a good site. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  93. my company have a sonic firewall TZ210 & and i am blocking facebook, G mail but some time facebook and g mail is opened using https
    pls give me solution


  94. in my company we have a sonic firewall NSA 2400, and i would like to block some downloads like .exe. How can i do this? Can you help me?

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