Seeing Seattle

We're enjoying the views of Bellevue here in Seattle; I hope to start exploring the local cities a little more in the new year. Ponz sent me links to Seattle's Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame and the Seattle Space Needle. Too cool! Yes, Seattle has definitely been a bit rainy – but today was a welcome exception to that rule. To celebrate, I took a few photos from our deck. Yes, that's really Mt. Rainier. And yes, that's really Bellevue below the moon. A few folks have asked for wallpapers of these Seattle images, so… okay.
If you can't travel to Seattle, try: a Seattle symphonya Seattle skya Seattle sighta Seattle sonnet. So, they're actually not Seattle – but the photos were taken while I was standing in Seattle!

5 thoughts on “Seeing Seattle”

  1. I will give the sci-fi place there in Seattle two thumbs way up! I am not a sci-fi geek at all. Not one bit. And I was mezmorized. I loved everything there. Truly a cool way to spend several hours. Take a day and really take your time around that whole area.
    Seattle is one of my favorite vacation spots.

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