MSN Connectivity Problems

For the past couple of days (or so), my MSN IM connection has been flaky – disconnecting every couple of minutes. This is the case with either the latest version of Trillian or the latest version of the MSN Instant Messenger client. I've got a Linksys BEFW11S4 v2 (with the latest 1.45.10 firmware installed). Anybody else running into a similar headache?

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  1. Yeah I've been getting problems lately. This morning it took trillian 2hours to successfully connect to MSN. The same thing happened yesterday and then 1hour later it cut out and I didnt get back on for another couple of hours. I've also had a lot of problems with my MSN disconnecting strangely. I don't think its my ISP. I'm not sure either, let me know if you find anything Chris.
    Scott Langendyk

  2. My MSN is connecting just fine, it's Yahoo! that is not connecting at all for me through Trillian. I finally gave up and just removed that connection.

  3. I use GAIM, MSN and Yahoo both crashed the program.
    Found out there were also a lot of complaints on GAIM's Sourceforge site, so apparently they quickly fixed those two problems and posted that latest version, which I downloaded.
    It is working stable as a rock now, only crashing when my dial-up line drops like a dazed fly.
    ~ Nicolas.NET ~
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  4. Hi, i've been having problems with 6.2 this week including people being added to conversations who i do NOT KNOW!! thought i was being hacked, turned off MSN for 2 days!!

  5. I'm not having any trouble with MSN messanger. However, I did notice your online/offline issues. I have not downloaded their newest version. I wonder if it could be related to their newly updated version of MSN?

  6. Do yourself a favour if you have the funds and the time.
    1. go to Ebay and purchase a 50 user VPN Sonicwall SOHO2 or 3 you can get them for about 130 – 190 USD. It is an excellent REAL Firwall and router. –
    2. go to Ebay and pick up some of the old style belkin switches. One that has like 5 ports for before the firewall and one with like 5 or 8 after the firewall for the local lan. This way you can access the external ip address without having to unplug anything later on .. its nice..
    3. Download and install GUSH – it is a RSS / IM messenger application. It totally ROCKS, once you get used to the flash interface. The messages are documented and dated and searchable. I love it and I am helping get ready the lastest version capable of running on LINUX. It is going to blow away all the other crap out there for LINUX IM.. BUT remember it is for WINDOWS too.
    4. Keep up the good work on your site.. it is different and I am purely amazed that you got away with the color contrasts, but it is pretty damn kool.
    Kind regards,

  7. hey I couldn't help but notice that this thread was from a month ago but I've been having problems with my MSN in trillian for all this time. I have to run MSN separately. Why can't I connect to MSN in trillian? anyone know?

  8. whenever i try to sign in msn tells me that i am not connected when i am. frustration!so i went into run typed %appdata%Microsoft, right cilcked on the msn folder and deleted it. then i re installed it to no avail!

  9. everytime i try to sign in, i get the progam isn`t responding message. Can anyone help me with this

  10. I'm having trouble connecting to MSN messenger, and once I do connect, I have trouble changing my status and recieving/sending msgs. I use a linksys wireless card, which has been working fine lately, and only this weekend been acting up. What's the problem?

  11. I know this might sound a little strange but my MSN was always starting up really slow until I removed all GAIN adware from my system (WIN XP). The internet as a whole was real slow on startup and even viewing web pages was a real hassle. It wouldn't have worried me in the least if I had dial-up but I'm using a 3 meg cable ISP. The only problem I have with MSN or hotmail altogether is the fact that when I open an email and try to see the attachments or download and open from current location the only thing that comes up is a notepad with 1 or 2 tiny little squares in it plus whenever I forward messages from hotmail to any of my other email addresses the images or email (text or HTML content) message altogether is not sent. I have recently had to copy and paste all text to even attempt to forward these emails to anyone in my contact list. Any and all help with this problem would be greatly appreciated… thanx!!!

  12. I am having problems connecting to the internet on msn… I have DSL, and I have boughten a router to connect the DSL modem and the internet but it doesnt work I unplugged the ethernet cable to plug in the xbox live how can I fix it?

  13. Hi… I have TrendNet TEW-435BRM router. My MSN keep disconnecting randomly every 4 5 minuts. I updated the lastest version of my Router firmware but its still same.. I have XP Pro OS and SP2… There is no block from SP2 i know.. something wrong with my router settings.. I tried so man IM program insted of MSN Messenger but its same.. And i have same problem with all my competers here… Thanks for helpp…

  14. One way to resolve this for the time being would be to fire up IE, and leave it running in the background. If not try logging into MSN using the IE, and leave IE running

  15. Hiya. I do not know what trillian is…so i am sure i do not use it, and i am still experiencing connectivity issues on msn messenger, It is like a grumpy kid today…It just won't let me in one minute and the next it is fine.

  16. the same thing is happening to me i cant get onto msn. it tells me ther is no connection when my internet is up and everything is great

  17. Whenever i log onto msn, i am not able to change my status. Then a moment later, it will disconnect. I cant get it to work, or even change my name to “my computers messed” so that they know whats going on. What do i do?
    P.S i tried unnstalling and reinstalling but it didnt help)

  18. I sign on to MSN Messenger, and then like 2-4 minutes later it randomly disconnects me from the service. I also cant change my status or even my name to let ppl know that my connection is messed. I think it may be a problem with my D-Link DI-604 router??? I already returned the first because of some similar problems, and am still having the same with this new one. Should I get a new router?? Maybe a Linksys?

  19. I have this problem, it is the router and i have narrowed it down to either the IP address, which is not static or the firewall. With the IP address it is needed to be made static, through the start/settings/control panel/network connections/properties

  20. This is happening tome, funny thing is I made a new account and it logged in just fine, its the old account I use that is having problems, maybe someone hacked certain date accounts ( like the old ones )

    Or maybe the msn people want to force you into buying the pay to use msn

  21. Yeah, the MSN network seems to be out right now. I can’t connect via MSN, the onlnine webmessenger, or eBuddy…

    Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon.

  22. My msn lets me sign on but as a lot of people it cutts of nearly every 3 minutes. Nothing is wrong with my modem box or my connectivity status coz its always at ‘excellent’ but still this happens.Oh and another thing is that when it cutts off i can just click connect now. It still is really annoying.
    can someone please help me. Thanks xx

  23. Hi
    Ever since i started using a my wireless router about 4 months ago now my msn is constantly disconnecting every 2-3 minutes. I have got a belkin router and im wondering if its anything to do with that.. e.g should i have chosen static instead of dynamic ?
    Please help.

  24. At noon today, I was unable to sign into MSN. It was always telling that my ISP address was unvailable, but I could use the internet to go into other url.

    So I still do not know what was the problem.


  25. Once you are logged into your router, click on management, then click on remote management. At the right next to UPNP, select disabled, and click apply.

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