Orange You Glad?

I was exchanging e-mails with the gnew Gnomedex coordinators this morning, and we found our way into this interesting tidbit: “According to the color nazi [yes, it is a group in NYC who decide what the next colors will be for the fashion world – also for cars and all design folks] orange became 'hip' in the late 90s as the color that represented the merging energies of the Eastern spirituality and Western Emotions and so one world. Prior to that, it was primarily associated with fast food and cheap restaurants. Pretty good rating jump don't ya think?!” Yeah, I still remember going to Sambo's when I was a kid before they shut it down because of its racially-offensive name. And lord knows, Denny's and Perkins (which has since gone green) still have that whole trippy feel to 'em. Nazis, racism, abortion… is there anybody else I can piss off today? Now, if you'll pardon me, I'm off to catch up on my QE4TSG.