The Pirillo Puzzle (Part II)

The TechTV segment finally aired (streaming video forthcoming). When I mentioned “media projects,” I was referring to television and everything that comes with it. Yes, I'll be back on the tube at some point in the VERY NEAR future – thanks to the handiwork of Benny Medina and Handprint Entertainment. Which channel? Can't say. Rest assured, the Internet will probably know about anything before my parents do. And in case you weren't already aware: I'm now living in the Los Angeles area – and loving it.

Something else was revealed during the taping – something a lot more personal. You should know that Gretchen and I are no longer together. Sprocket is living happily with her (I miss him, a lot). Please respect my request when I ask that you not pry, push, or speculate any further on this matter? Thank you.

74 thoughts on “The Pirillo Puzzle (Part II)”

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  2. I'm sorry to hear about that. I had no idea who that pixelated person was either way. I consider the matter closed.

  3. So that explains why her blog died. Sorry to hear you lost Sprocket also. You've had that dog a long time.

  4. Chris, as a Gnomie, I look forward to supporting your future endeavors. Good luck on the new stages of your life!

  5. …and another chapter begins. I'm sure you'll get enough relationship condolences to last a lifetime… so let's just say 'good luck' on your super secret new endeavor!

  6. You sure do have the best of luck… lets hope it changes for the better dude. I watched CFH the other day and Leo doesn't cut it, and to think they are going to do the call-a-thon again, Leo is going to kill himself he if thinks he can keep up with your energy.

  7. Man, now I'm REALLY pissed about missing the show on Wednesday. I don't generally watch Unscrewed but wanted to see this particular episode. Now, I can't wait to see the video that you post up. Please do so SOON.

  8. Sorry to hear about your break up. You & her looked so good together, and you gave hope to other geeks that we could have a good looking woman like her.
    Good luck chris, and congrats on the unscrewed segment.

  9. Chris, Been there done that I for once can say I can relate to something. Still sucks though, my thoughts and prayers are with you brother!
    Keep your head up! (unless you see a Tank heading your way! )

  10. Chris, as everyone has said, sorry to hear that… I was wondering what was up when you kissed that girl on Unscrewed the other day? The first thing I thought was, “Boy, Gretchen and Chris sure have an open relationship!” πŸ™‚
    Anyways, hang in there. You are amongst plenty of friends out in L.A. as I've been reading. Looking forward to the next chapter of Mr. Pirillo on TV…

  11. I guess its all part of that clique we call the entertainment industry. You are really not true part of it until your first separation/divorce. The best of luck for you Mr. Pirillo. With or without Gretchen your true fans will stick with you no matter what.

  12. well, you take the good… you take the bad… you take 'em both and there you have the facts of life. the facts of like.
    chin up, chris.

  13. Dude best of luck to you with all and everything. On a separate note: Good god what has TechTV gone to. Its crap from what i see, what ever happened to the host that actually knows tech and less of the irrelevance such as that chick sidekick host. Goes to show that they will do anything for great ratings. Chris should start Gnome-TV and do it the right way =)

  14. Sorry to hear about ur relationship..and more so about ur pet Sprocket. πŸ™
    Congrats on The TechTV Seg though and on moving to LA. πŸ™‚

  15. Sorry to hear about things. It seems as if everything always takes a dump at once. Just remember that after you dump you flush and everything is clean again! Misses your segment but I stopped watching that damn channel a long time ago anyway. Hope that you have a great Christmas!

  16. πŸ™‚ I have not seen Techtv since you left, and after watching the video clip i can see that Techtv has died.
    Good luck to you.

  17. It seems like most people have already stated the obvious but I'm going to add my two cents worth. I'm sorry to hear about you and Gretchen.
    I wish you much success in the coming year and I can't wait to see you on TV again!

  18. Benny Medina…sounds familiar…Hey, isnt he the ex-manager of Jennifer Lopez aka J-Lo- who also happens to be Ben Aflek's girlfriend bride to be delayed and Ben Aflek was in a movie with Charlie Theron and Charlie Theron was in “Trapped” with Kevin Bacon…WOW! Guess who's only 4 degress away from Kevin Bacon?

  19. You lost Sprocket?! But you had so many stories of the little guy to share with us. But it's good that you're going back on the airwaves. And anyway I can contribute to Lockergnome I'd be happy to do it. Good luck on your life ahead.

  20. To be absolultely hokie, I quote the band Semisonic and say “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end. Yeah.”
    Chin up and all that Chris.

  21. Das is gud heir Pirillo. Und ve like de sukiyaki poon dat you now are dippin ze pickle in. Olaf und I vil take gut care of ze Gretchen. She like it in das boot.

  22. πŸ™ Chris, sorry to hear about Gretchen, and I don't know who's fault it was or whatever, but it's never a happy time to hear that a couple's broken up. I hope you guys can sort things out, cheer up man and keep your mind on your other projects.

  23. TruthHurts is a fucking idiot, Chris. I also have the same unique personality that women love in the beginning but tend to grow out of over time. All I know is that there have to be a few unique women out there that match us. Here's hoping your new other is one of those women.

  24. Know both sides of the story before you side with one, people.
    And respect people's private lives, at that.

  25. I was shocked to read this, as any other person would. All I can say is, in the words of Joe Dirt, 'Keep on Keepin' on' or along along those lines… Good luck, dude…

  26. You guys are cruel little trolls! Breakups really suck! If you don't have any sympathy, than don't post your senseless BS!
    Hang in there Chris!

  27. people, people, calm down about this, this is nothing for us to talk or worry about, Its Chris' privit life and shouldn't talk about him, or anybody, in this manner.
    and the quose
    “Chris seems doomed to failure.”
    Just think about all the things you failed at, and if you say non, then you havn't taken any risks. Life is about taking risks with the chance of failer. And i wouldn't call Chris a failer, why? well because he has a online business making enough money that he can live off of.
    People, just move on and find somthing else to talk about.

  28. Anon-E Moose, the article in question was written by me for Netmusic Countdown and at the time they did not have me in the backend software, and still don't, as an author. I wrote several dozen articles under Gretchen's name because I took over for her. Truth Hurts, I continue to wish Chris failures because failure make you improve yourself. Without failures you would never become a better and successful person. I'm guessing that you never fail.

  29. Wow, there are some really cold people posting comments. After seeing everyone's thoughts, I can just say that most people get married way too young and this probably isn't about Chris being a jerk but rather how our society teaches people that marriage does not need to be more permananent than shacking up. Maybe we should just place less importance on marriage and consider it no different than having a boyfriend/girlfriend?

  30. Tom, I think it is the other way around. People don't put enough importance on committing to thing…especially marriage. Problems come and go, but people decide to cut and run instead of working out issues. As divorces have increased in our society, the morals have decreased and crime has risen. Proven stats.

  31. I think a lot of you people are more critical of Chris' situation because, regardless if you like him or not, he is “famous”. And Actingman — it is his site, if he chooses to write about whatever.

  32. Whatever happened to common decency….??? No one deserves to be kicked while they're down…. Rationalizing it with the excuse “they have it coming”, is just that, an EXCUSE…..!!! Spew your hate somewhere else…….

  33. Anon and Phil,
    Maybe you characters weren't lucky enough to have respectable parents who taught you that one of the important rules of life is if you don't have something good to say, then don't say anything at all. Some of us get the point that you don't like Chris. Why don't you do something constructive with your obvious hatred? Making rude comments when a dude is obviously going through a lot of shit is just plain rude. Some people on here have brought up kids living in their mothers' basements. I'll bet your mothers would be proud to see how respectable you are. Although this comment will probably appear as if it's in response to nothing (i.e. I'd censor (and kick) your asses in a heartbeat), I know what it's about. Several of the detractors have mentioned what a waste of time it is to come here and comment. It's even more pointless to come here and be assholes.

  34. Am I just unlucky to miss the posts that everyone defends Chris about or are they censored right off this thing at first chance? Been a lot of discussion about comments to blogs, some good, some bad but if I am missing some no matter what was said, then why have this comment section to begin with? I am not defending anyone here but it seems strange that I see posts here mentioning “nicks” that are no longer here. Regardless how people view the post there are idiots everywhere who “think” they know everything. Just because they are idiots doesn't mean we should PROVE that they are better than good people. I say Chris is a big boy and if he's the one slicing and dicing this thing, he should KNOW better. He endeavors to go out and talk to the world but when someone speaks against him it's wrong? You can't have it both ways, either drop the comments or keep all posts so people can RESPOND accordingly if they so desire. Again, I don't see any of the posts that people are referencing via nicks and if they do happen to be there, then something is wrong with IE…. hehe And I do NOT mean to piss anyone off about this either. My point is why have this comment thingy if only “certain” people can post? Among the flowers you are always going to find cow “chit” which fertilizes those flowers.

  35. Well sorry to hear. I thought we were going to get into a big debate over what happened at TechTV but it turned to be a different story. — Looking forward to see you on TV again. Hopefully it will be on a channel I get here.

  36. Chris,
    I've been a Lockergnomie since 1997 and I have followed your life since the early days back in Iowa before you ang G were married. I too have gone through a seperation and divorce since that time and am now remarried to the most awesome woman and have a beautiful baby girl. Life does indeed repair itself in time. Hang in there and always remember that you have a huge group of like-minded folks out there cheering you on in all that you do.

  37. Sorry to hear about your rough times. I am sure that you know that us Gnomies are here for you. As people have said … chin up!

  38. Hmmm, Lets see chris says “Please respect hi request when I ask that you not pry, push, or speculate any further on this matter?” So what does everyone do??? pry push and speculate. You know this is one of the reasons I hate the net πŸ™‚ Everyone feels like they can say whatever they want to someone without repercussions. Freakin Geeks. Leave him alone geesh

  39. Love you, Chris… and I miss you on TechTV. I taped your Unscrewed segment on my DVR… I believe that it would be a MUCH better show with you replacing Martin… he kinda dorked-out on us…

  40. On to a bigger problem…what happened to the Peet's Coffee link on blog main page. It now goes to, so was it hacked? Chris, have you forsaken Peet's for the weaker bean?

  41. Chris I hope everything works out for you man. I've been a big fan of yours ever since you started doing Call For Help a few years ago. I've always enjoyed reading your blog and visiting the LockerGnome website to read your interesting thoughts and solutions. I hope you get Sprocket and Gretchen back, if that's what you want. Take care and stay strong you're in my prayers.

  42. I don't know about everyone else but i'm going absolutely nuts wondering where and when Chris will return to 'the tube' AHH *doesn't like being left wondering for too long*

  43. I have been a reader of chris's stuff since mid 80's when it was a simple text format. With his style and openness he has invited us in to his life. I read about all that he has accomplished and tried/ with some failure. I have also watched him evolve from what he was in his humble beginnings. Some changes good some not so good (in my option) but he is human. I understand his request for privacy, but through his actions he has made his life somewhat public. I remember when he announced his love for Gretchen and read about their life together as they grew as a family. I am only human and have formed options (without all the facts) and that is only why i wish chris would share some of the background that led to this so i can be fair in my conclusions as to why this occurred. Really I wish the best for both and that it turns out the way they want it too.

  44. Hi Chris. These things happen in life. You are both very nice people (in my opinion) but if you are not meant to be together – then it's not meant to be. I wish the very best for the both of you and hope you keep up the magic!
    Take care, and remember you have many friends. Hugs.

  45. I am not surprised he and Gretchen are not together anymore. She is too damn uppity for a down to earth guy like chris.

  46. I look forward to seeing you again on the tv Chris, you definitely have a fun on-screen persnality. Sorry to hear about you and G, I won't pry but just want to know I'll keep you both in my thoughts.

  47. ~big big hugs and cookies~ i so look forward to seeing you on TV again. my thoughts and prayers are with you. ~more cookies~

  48. Hey kris, why do you need to be “fair in your conclusions?” It's none of your business. Don't take the speck out of your brother's eye until you take the plank out of your own. It's not for you to judge Chris or anybody else.

  49. hey chris, you rock! im really sorry to hear about your breakup. go man! get her back! whats the worst that can happen? hope you make it through good. things'll get better. really lookin forward to seein you back on TechTV!! Later man!! You rock!!

  50. Dude. Well. It either sux, or it doesn't. I'm guessing it does. If only because when 2 people are together for as long as you guys have been, cleaving like that hurts. Pieces of you go with the other person, and there is no way to get those pieces back.
    Experience has taught me that forgivness and time can get you through just about anything. I don't know where you're at in your relationship with Gretchen. I don't know where you're at in your relationship with your “soulmate.”
    Either way, whichever direction you choose to go in, I'll be praying for you.

  51. Hm. Just watched the Unscrewed clip. “Soul mate”? Yeah, okay. I hope so. Really.
    But somewhere in all of this I get the feeling that someone was an out and out total ass and the other one got totally screwed and is seriously hurting now.
    Chris has had a serious ego problem growing year by year as Lockergnome and his other works became more popular. But maybe it was Gretchen and well, don't know squat about her. Whoever it was, absolute shame on you and may the results of your failure continue to weigh upon your back for the rest of your life.

  52. Happened about the time he set up shop in California. Β Don’t which one was cause and which one was effect … assuming there was a causal relation.

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