The Pirillo Puzzle (Part II)

The TechTV segment finally aired (streaming video forthcoming). When I mentioned “media projects,” I was referring to television and everything that comes with it. Yes, I'll be back on the tube at some point in the VERY NEAR future – thanks to the handiwork of Benny Medina and Handprint Entertainment. Which channel? Can't say. Rest assured, the Internet will probably know about anything before my parents do. And in case you weren't already aware: I'm now living in the Los Angeles area – and loving it.

Something else was revealed during the taping – something a lot more personal. You should know that Gretchen and I are no longer together. Sprocket is living happily with her (I miss him, a lot). Please respect my request when I ask that you not pry, push, or speculate any further on this matter? Thank you.