Testing 1-2-3

I'm keynoting a conference in my underwear. Don't tell them that, though. I connected my Canon DV GL2 to Lady Jaye (one of my laptops) and fired up the free Windows Media Encoder a few minutes ago. I'm broadcasting live audio / video from my apartment to a hotel ballroom in New Orleans at 4PM today. I get paid to speak to groups all the time, but because of a schedule conflict, I couldn't make the journey to Bourbon Street this time. My speech focuses on using the Internet for effective business communication. I'll touch upon: e-mail, blogging, discussion lists, IM, and (most importantly) RSS. It's a good one, I tell ya.

12 thoughts on “Testing 1-2-3”

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  2. Sounds like a cool way of attending the meeting. I used to be in the videoconferencing world. We rolled out a few solutions like that and had mixed luck. Are you doing voice and video? How was the connection? What kind of speed connection do you have? Us techies that read your blog would be interested 🙂 (by techie i mean anyone interested in lockergnome for the tech and community so pretty much everyone but the trolls)

  3. I'm not wearing any pants. I'm not wearing any undergarments either. 🙂 Actually, I'm wearing one of my kilts. Who needs pants anyway? 😉 I really don't know why with your “no pants Fridays” you didn't grab onto wearing Utilikilts like Patrick on TSS does. Then you could have “no pants everyday”! And with all the pockets they're a geeks dream. Viva la difference!

  4. That anything keeps you away from the French Quarter is just plain wrong…wrong, I say! 😉

  5. I can't think of a better way to get your point across. RSS is definitely cool. Since I've been using NewsDesk, it has made blog tracking much, much easier.
    All this talk of bourbon makes me want to break out the J.D. (almost bourbon) and diet coke. Cheers, everyone.

  6. July 25th No Pants Friday? What an excellent way to spend my B-Day…pantsless. w00t.

  7. July 25 is my birthday! 😉
    So, Chris, you “coulda” been in my neck of the woods if it weren't for a comflict in your schedule eh? Next time your actually, not virtually, down in Cajun Country, drop me an e! We'll do lunch or something. Bring G! 🙂 Cajun food on me!

  8. I think that is awesome to be doing a keynote right from your home and not even waer pants for this project. Wish i could do work from home in my PJs.

  9. Hi!
    I have an Canon Elura 40 (Mini DV). I can't get it to work with Net Meeting and other Conferencing Software. The software just dosen't see the camera (I'm using firewire on a PC).
    How does Chris get his to work? I downloaded something from Canon but it didn't work.
    Is it cool that I ask this here? Sorry if its not. I'm not sure what the ettiqute is.

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