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  2. I'm heard that there's an serious outbreak of “THOW”. I hear it's very contagious. The Doctors say to stay away from anything that agitates the condition. What is THOW? It is “TO HAPPY OFF WORK”, of course.

  3. Well Chris, i'd have to agree with you but then again school to me is like a full time job since I don't have a job.

  4. I know the feeling, Chris. I don't wanna go back to school/work/Hell/the place where people make you read extremely small letters and then tell you that you're now officially ready to kill with a ton of steel on wheels, but I have to. Cest la vie.

  5. I hear ya man. I work for the IRS and there is nothing I hate more than dealing with ticked-off taxpayers yelling at me wondering why they haven't gotten their EIN ye after a long weekend.

  6. Hey Chris,
    OMG this is too crazy–a friend of mine from LA sent me the TechTV phonograph blooper and after laughing at it for 30 mins, I forwarded it to my friend in the Quad Cities and she recognized you from UNI like 8 years ago. After doing research, I discovered you were the infamous Lockergnome. We used to talk on ISCA back in the day. Yer still a hottie though. ;)Im feeling very nostalgic. OK, thats all. Take care.

  7. If you'd rather be unemployed for 14 months, I'll trade lifes with you. Please say yes. Yes?

  8. I've been unemployed 20 months, and just started back in the job pool. I've only been working about 6 weeks… and I already don't want to go back… do you have any idea how many people out here don't WANT to work (but HAVE to?). For me, I want to win a lottery so that I can “Call In Rich” (“Hello? I'm sorry, I can't come in to work today – I'm rich!”)

  9. You don't wanna go back to work tomorrow? How about I take over for you for a day? I'd LOVE to have a job like yours. And I would not call hard drive space “memory” like Brett Larson does. I'd get it right! LOL Don't worry, be happy! =:D

  10. There are many people in this country who are unemployed at the moment. Be grateful you have a job to go to. You never know… Don't tempt fate :o)

  11. Just curious how often CFH isn't a rerun anymore. One day a week? It's a great show when it's not a repeat…. Some us slobs have to work 5 days a week you know. 🙂

  12. Just be glad you have a job. I lost mine last month. On fri the 13th of all dates. Had 22 yrs at a semiconductor mfg as a calibration tech. They decided to quit making the product we produced and closed the plant. Shipped the equip. to FLA and sold what they didn't want. I stayed to the end to close the plant. Now I am looking for a new job.At least I got a severence pkg.

  13. Unbelievable…..If I had a choice of going to my “God forsaken” Job or going to work at TechTV. Hmmmmmm….what to do what to do. Just remember the previous jobs you posted about earlier Chris……TechTV sounds pretty good. I'd be running to work every morning if I had your job. Shame on you….bad Chris bad. *wink* He knows he has it good.

  14. I've been unemployed since October and it's been rough. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, but it's getting faint.