You Move Too Fast

Hoopty's on X, and he wonders Y he waited so long. I burned a CD full of free apps for him to play with on his G4. I requested only one cup of joe in return (medium, with heavy manufacturer's cream). He and Chey spent the day over here, playing Xbox and adopting one of my old Pocket PCs. Gretchen dipped her hands in wax, and then we went down the street for burgers and cake ala Mitchell's mode. I spent a few hours editing a few chapters for my upcoming book with John C. Dvorak. Oh, didn't I tell you about that already? Some would say that I'm his co-bitch. Others would say that he's my Captain Janeway (without the mustache). Now, I better go before Starr Jones tries to sell me another pair of shoes. If she invades The Simpsons, I'll eat my loafers.

7 thoughts on “You Move Too Fast”

  1. I just made the “switch” to mac. You think you could make me a dvd/cd if i send you a cd with a self-addressed stamp?

  2. OS X is spiff. Just as long as it's Jagwire, tho. I have of our G4s still on 10.1.5, and it has SO many probs compared to my Jag box, it's unbelievable.

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