Blog Apathy Disorder (BAD)

Why did you start your own blog? Do those motives still exist? Reinvent yourself. Get excited again. The blogging world isn't disinterested – it's just that people have become disinteresting. Do something unique not just with your blog, but in the blogging community. It's not about following (or even creating) the meme of the week; it's about trying on a new flannel every once in a while. The reason for my recent redesign was not only for a change of code – moreso, it was for a change of pace. Skins are fun, but will they encourage people to return and read your thoughts at a future date? Make the connection with poignant links and random thoughts. Be as unpredictable as you want to be. Try something new. I did. It worked.

The newness may have worn off, but that doesn't mean this medium is any less exciting. Every day, people are publishing personal experiences and perspectives to the Web – and you're always one link away from changing the course of your day. Somewhere in this hyperworld there sits an individual who speaks to you through his or her words. Are you listening?

31 thoughts on “Blog Apathy Disorder (BAD)”

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  2. I'm listening Chris I am really. I plan on doing a blog in the possilbe near future, hmmm I could hop in my Back To The Future DeLorean and see if I even do one I think I will brb.

  3. yeah i understand you chris cause i have been through like so many changes in what i want to do with my blog so i just threw my hands up and just said forget it.Now my blog is just like tech and anything that i want to see,hear and say cause that is what it's all about just the person and the words that come with it.

  4. I switched to Moveable Type over the weekend, does that count? I have been making an attempt recently to write more about ME on my blog, less fluff. It's so much easier to focus on the fluff though. It's a lot easier to be silly and flaky than actually talk about what I feel and believe.
    OK, that got all sappy awfully fast! πŸ™‚

  5. As you say, “the blogging world isn't disinterested – it's just that people have become disinteresting.”
    Doncha think someone oughta inform the blogging world of that?
    Disturbing the universe through one's blog is one thing. But are the vibrations felt even when no one is watching? Does it even count then? Does blogging for one's self alone, above all else, really matter if it occurs under the radar of “the community?”
    All this to say, “Who listens to non-meme creators, anyway?”

  6. I blog all the time, just no one reads it, yet I still feel good about it, It's like writing something down, only on the computer and I don't have to deal with some massively annoying txt file.

  7. I've had a customized blog for quite a while. It's good to know that, like Chris, I can easily escape the norm of having a white background with this here and that there. I can make it look anyway I want…now if I could get someone to READ it..

  8. Hm, skins, interesting twist on the whole thing. I must say, I resist skin changes like the dentist. Change can be a good thing, but I've always been of the Google mentality; i.e., familiarity is key. How many times has Google's interface changed since they fired it up? Why?
    Reminds me of an old phrase we once used (and I'm sure still use) in radio: “people don't know what they like, but they like what they know.”

  9. One problem with blogs is that bloggers get lazy or lose interest and start posting once a week. I try to post something everyday, no matter how lame. But, despite my effort, most of my hits these days come from weirdos looking for North Korean porn or Icelandic porn. Really.

  10. This is the first blog site, fisrt blog, first comment I have ever experienced… I am a blog virgin… I'm glad your site was gentle. Cool interface.

  11. All I can say is that for me, it's more about Quality than Quantity. If you don't post a new entry everyday who cares. I'd rather read two good postings a week than the same links over and over that I just saw read over at BoingBoing! πŸ™‚

  12. Ultimately, you have to ask yourself a question: “Do I write in my blog for my own satisfaction in it's own sake, or do I do it for ego?”
    If you do it for ego, and you aren't/weren't famous before you started your own website/blog, forget it. You will barely get any traffic at all.
    The only real, common, sustaining purpose of a blog is for your own satisfaction in it's own sake. You have to not care if anyone reads it or not, because that's not the point.
    I laugh when people talk about blogging as if the entire concept is something completely new. I laugh for the same reason that I laughed when people talked about “the new economy”: they are almost completely wrong. Diaries and journals have been around since homo sapiens sapiens first put soft stone to hard rock wall. Economy has been around since at least Mesopotamia (and probably a lot earlier). The only difference with blogging is that you are posting your diary online for the world to see, if they want.
    If you are laboring under any delusions that “blogging is the next evolution in media”, take a deep breath and prepare yourself. It isn't. There's a reason that mass media has things like editors.
    Woah! I just realized how very, very long this comment is. Sorry, Chris, for the lengthy blathering.

  13. I've changed my theory. I think the blogiverse just has had PMS or something.
    You guys are right, your blog is your own, it should be about the content… to express yourself and for no one else. If anyone wants to come along for the ride, more power to them.
    I used to think I was being boring by talking about the mundane everyday things in my life, but I now realize, it's best for me to chronicle these experiences for myself, to be able to vent and look back on these times fondly and/or laugh.

  14. I blog for my ego. Pure and simple. It makes me feel important and, in some odd sense, loved. To quote a genius:
    “… it's life, online.”

  15. I'm listening. I started my blog because a) I got tired of having to maintain my old site and blogs are sort-of self-maintaining… b) becasue I just wanted a place to think out loud. I enjoy your blog. Did you know your blog does not render right in Netscape? I have to start up a whole other browser just to go to your blog. But it's worth it. Hey, do you ever read your comments thingie? Just curious. Have a happy day! =:D

  16. I don't blog for my ego, I blog for me. Now, my blog is mostly just random personal crap that interests me. Unfortunately, my life is so mundane, that it is in and of itself my problem. My blog is more of a journal, with comments about things that I see or do. Yes, I want more traffic (who doesn't), but I realize that people out there that don't have similar interests will read the blog and may or may not come back. I try to post daily – no matter what. I know friends and relatives are out there in my traffic pattern, and it feels good (to me) to connect with them. If I make new friends with like-interests along the way – EVEN BETTER. The problem I have is if you try to reinvent yourself through your blog, do you lose who you are or were? I agree with courtney's and Bob Roth's comments above.

  17. I blog in order to keep my family and friends up to date. My wife & I just moved up to Ohio from Florida, and we left all of our friends behind. I try to post something every other day, whether work-related, vacation, news,pictures, or just “nothing is happening.”
    Keep up the good work, Chris!

  18. Why do I blog? It's a little ego and a lot of fun. I always wanted to create a site about random stuff. My blog lets me do that when I want, about whatever I want, anytime I want. I just love Movable Type, don't you?
    It also allows me to do things I never thought I'd do. About a month ago, I met a cartoonist online. He had some really great stuff and I wanted to post his pics on my blog. He was so psyched about it that he now sends his toons to anyone that subscribes to his cartoon syndicate. Now I feature his work on my site every Monday. One of the coolest things I do, I must say.
    As for the state of blogging, I think people are getting bored. A lot of sites look like everyone else's. You hit the nail on the head, Chris. People need to try something new and avant-garde. Be profound, silly, or random. But most importantly, be yourself. It's a lot more interesting to learn about a real person than some fabricated persona portrayed on a webpage.

  19. I don't know. It's hard to think of things to write everyday. I mean, I don't want to reveal every single personal thing about myself (I like a certain level of privacy), yet I DO want to be personal. So I have to think of something to write that isn't too personal, and isn't too boring either. I don't have an interesting life, so it's not like I can write about daily occurences in my life (too boring). Enh, I try to blog as often as I can though.

  20. I myself am getting a bit apathetic about blogging. I feel noone is interested.. I hardly ever get comments. I'm boring as hell. ;p BUT I enjoy my website and I love to post links that interest me, and random thoughts.. so mostly I do it just for me. Not for that idiot new troll I got who is nit-picking about the spelling of “hippy”. πŸ˜‰ I think that the bottom line is that you need to blog for YOU and, if you get an audience, you got them because they relate to what you are saying.

  21. I tend to agree that blogging can become dull because of the cyber-reality. I'm not saying this is true for all, but blogging isn't for everyone. Some enjoy it, while others, such as myself, are happy meeting and spending as much time with people in the real world.

  22. Disinterested (or “disinteresting” which I haven't seen used before) doesn't mean the same thing as uninterested.
    Disinterested: Free of bias and self-interest; impartial.
    It's a distinction worth making!

  23. Haven't been to Chris' site in ages, looks like I came back at an interesting time.
    Regarding Mikeintosh's comments that spawned this post for Chris, I somewhat agree with him but I think he's noticing it more because he's “in limbo”. I'm in the same situation. I think for a lot of people who were affected by 9/11 or the bomb period, they feel like they are in limbo too, looking for something to get them out of it.
    I think blogging has the potential to get people out of this “limbo” because it allows them to connect and converse with other people and share their experiences and feelings. Unfortunately, for a lot of people (as mentioned above), they don't attract barely anyone to their blog, thus that connecting and conversing isn't created. People want to connect with other people but there doesn't appear to be a “mechanism” to see who else shares your thoughts and ideas on the Web, other than searching via Google. Thus I think people get frustrated and just stop blogging (like I did) even though they have some to say and share.
    I don't know. Maybe instead of blogging, I should just fill the need for “connecting” with other people by visiting their sites and commenting on them. Thus it makes them happy and myself happy because we are both connecting and conversing with one another.
    More on this topic:

  24. Blog because you want to, post as inoften as you want. Realize that you're doing this for yourself and no one else and that this is the way it should be.
    I chuckle whenever anyone suggests that a blogger needs to post x times in a week, or daily. Huh?!
    I blog because I want to. I put up a new entry because I feel like it. We do this for us, you read it for you. Life is good. Surf more or less porn, its up to you.
    I started blogging because someone offered me one. The rest was accidental and hella fun.
    Peace out. War in.

  25. Why did I start my “blog”? Because I wanted to find new ways to express myself – via my favorite music, favorite things to do – etc – funny that you post about this, I just put in a post today about similar things – I too try to post at least once a day, sometimes more – not because I should – but because I *want* to – lately, my entries have been nothimg more than my thoughts being poured out, but sometimes I throw in some cool news articles… Can't Stop Bloggin'!

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