Lockergnomie Eric Ose knows about a rather unique download that we
haven't featured in years; it's definitely worth checking out
again: “QNX is a full operating
system. It is not open source, but the makers are giving it away
in order to spur development. It is a UNIX OS which uses a
microkernel and has a beautiful and fast GUI (called photon). I
wanted to recommend it because of the ease of installation and the
speed of your system running under QNX. I installed it on Pentium
100Mhz and 200Mhz computers with as little as 16MB RAM; it runs
great and looks good, too. I came upon it when looking for a
Linux distro that worked well (GUI included) on old hardware.”
He's right – this thing is pretty nifty. If your home network has
a few older machines on it, grab the image and start surfing
faster. Is it perfect? Hey, the whole darn thing fits on a floppy.
It's perfect enough – especially if you're worried about roomies /
visitors / relatives messing with your system.

2 thoughts on “Qool”

  1. Hey Chris,
    Yeah I've been using it since like version 2.15 when it was about 500.00 dollars a copy back in the late 80s. The company is Canadian and has did a lot, the US mail system uses QNX, Avery Labels did at one time, a toll highway in Ontario called the 407 uses it, for electronic wireless toll collecting etc.
    Powerful O/S

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