Linux Sucks

And another geek drops his
two cents into the bit bucket: “Linux, while it has its own bugs,
is 10 times better then Windows has ever been. Windows is
insecure, leads its users intentionally down the path to
stupidity, and makes things easier then they should be. It is this
'usability before security' ideal that makes Windows and the
monopolistically intertwined programs that come with it the worst
software available from every perspective I can think of. Yes,
Linux takes a lot to learn. But, you know what? it takes no more
than Windows did.” He goes on to say: “The more the experts tell
people that Linux is hard to use, the more people will avoid it
and not give it a try. OS X is the perfect example that UNIX can
be easy to use and a fun experience.” Still, 90% of the world has
difficulty with what geeks consider simple. If it ain't point and
click, it ain't going to stick. I agree that Linux takes “a lot”
to learn, but I disagree that it is any more usable than the
alternatives. And who is telling anybody to avoid anything? At
least, around here – where we offer newsletters for Windows users,
Mac users, and Linux users. So, put that in your | and smoke it.