Standard Disclaimer

To anybody who feels the need to judge me: First, you have no right to judge me. Second, I never clained to be anything more than a human being – who does has a life outside of a television show. Third, I've never been a “G” rated guy. Fourth, I think my slogan is rather witty. Fifth, I suggest you: a) grow up; b) get a life; and c) peddle your ideas somewhere else. Sixth, you have no idea who I am. Seventh, there's no need to use the CAPS LOCK key when flaming me.

14 thoughts on “Standard Disclaimer”

  1. Go Chris! – Don't change for anyone. It's you being you that I love!… Not censoring yourself for everyone else like most would.

  2. Go Dude šŸ™‚ I can't believe people and their arrogance!!! To expect someone else to change their blog (which correct me if I am wrong is really an online journal of things that we feel like saying/sharing…..right???) I mean come on folks grow up a little bit. There is a time to stand up and share your “right to freedom” but on someone's blog …..NOT!!!
    I love visiting you and Gretchen so just do what you normally do and it will be all good šŸ™‚

  3. Chris, that was hilarious!
    *Don't forget the old saying, “Sc***-em if they can't take a joke”.
    PS: Check out my photo of Sarah/Sally Field over at Leoville>Images>Calling Carol…(I hope Sarah knows it's all in good fun!)

  4. Your tag line there had me laughing out loud at the monitor when I read it. And the rest of your post? It should be the slogan of the blog world. It's what I try to keep in mind any time I read a blog. I'm thankful I have made friends that go beyond the blog and gotten to know the person behind the words in some cases. I'm looking forward to SXSW so I can meet more, especially Meryl.
    Every blogger has the right to a bad day. To swear. To say sappy things. To criticize without flaming. To post whatever they want or nothing at all. There is a PERSON on the other side of the monitor. Whether you're on TV or not shouldn't be an issue for people. Hey, just lemme know who it was – I'll kick their ass for you. Us Chrises have to stick together…

  5. I hear you! The ONLY time I walk on water is when I play m$ Links 2001. Bill has blessed us one and all with yet another “Bug” in the program and unlimited mulligans.
    If M$ would only work on their Operating Systems….

  6. Always be yourself. Visiting your blog is an invitation into your head. The good, the bad, the who you really are and what you think. If someone doesn't want to go there let them surf elsewhere.

  7. Well said! I agree, when you do this or that to try to please the masses, you aren't being yourself. I speak from way too much experience on that subject.
    Don't change!

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