Since My Mom Can't Blog

Well, I have been trying to write once a week, usually on Sunday nights;
however, we will be taking a rode trip tomorrow to plan out our route
for the Tama ride this summer. I think I told you Dad and I are going
to lead all the first Saturday rides this year. We have two done, plus
one tomorrow and then we will just have four more to plan out for the
ride season. We are going to Ottumwa (found some AWESOME roods to ride
down there), West Bend (Grotto), West Liberty (Herbert Hoover), Tama
(Gambling), Walnut (antiques), Keokuk (lots to see) and Austin MN
(chapter rally).

Dad has found a temporary job. Doing accounting for a small office in
Clive (four-five people) until the end of April. The owner and he have
a “walk away” agreement. At the end of April if neither of them are
satisfied, they can walk away from the situation. The good news is it is
good for our budget (not the best pay but better than nothing). He is off to Texas on 2/19 and will stop to see Ben and then go on
down to Austin to see Aunt Theresa. We don't hear from her but have
heard from Aunt Grace that she is not doing well. Both Dad and Aunt
Grace will be down there at the same time and that will be good for all
of them.

We took Adam to dinner last night for his birthday. Went to Noah's Ark
and had a nice time. I guess some of his friends went together and
bought him a ticket to see Sandoval (?) with them. It sounded as if
they had a fun time planned.

I am going to start being a dog training assistant at the Animal Rescue
League. They need help at their Thursday night classes and I think this
is something I can do. I have to read a book and watch some videos
first. So my Thursday nights will be filled as there are two hour
classes to help with.