Pervy Perps

I'm sitting here, listening to David Lawrence on my clock radio (as I do every so often). The call off the top is someone in Des Moines. So? So, David's show doesn't get broadcast in Iowa. This guy has been listening to David's audio stream nightly ever since they met face-to-face at Gnomedex. Plus, the caller is a regular CFH viewer. That gave me a funny little feeling inside, kinda like the IM I got from Bobby Young a few minutes ago:

Hey Chris… something funny I noticed. Gretchen's blogs got more comments than yours.

Cute. Thanks. Good to know. *grumble grumble* I've got one up on her, though. Roland Jacobs (the CTO of Topica) and I are going to a Ruth's Chris tomorrow night. It'll be my first dining experience at the popular steakhouse chain. I'm very much looking forward to it, too. Been a while since I had a good steak. As a matter of fact, the last good steak I had was when I was back in Des Moines (for Gnomedex). The 801 Steak and Chop House is the only place to consider when you're in town.

For what it's worth, David's caller from Des Moines is having problems with identiy theft in Hotmail. He's saying that someone's logged into his account and sent porn spam to people in his address book. Here's something interesting about Hotmail: every message includes an 'X-Originating-IP' header. Use this information to track pervy perps.