Inbox (Matt Stephens)

Matt works for deviantART. If you've never visited the site before, do yourself a favor and give it a spin in your browser. Your desktop will never be the same. Here's what's on the horizon:

I thought I'd fill you in on what's happening throughout our growing community. First off, we just released a new contest with Merlin3D, a 3D software company. Second, we are about to start publicly announcing the Devvies, the art community's Oscar awards ceremony-type thing that takes place in March. Third, we will be releasing a new skinnable site on February 1.

2 thoughts on “Inbox (Matt Stephens)”

  1. DevianART has got to be one of the best sites for graphics and arts people. Tons of icons, contests, backgrounds and stock photos. Definitely worth assigning a keyboard shortcut to, 🙂

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