Bueller? Bueller?

Ha! Here's what Gretchen said when I told her that the creator of Movable Type posted a comment for her MT rant. Her response:

Uh oh.

All things considered, Gretchen's never used any kind of blogging tool before. She's spent a total of 15 minutes (maybe) getting to learn MT. I gotta give props to Doc Searls, who was the first to blogroll my wife. And yes, I'm quite proud of that. Scoble was the second. Who will be the third? Bueller? Bueller?

3 thoughts on “Bueller? Bueller?”

  1. The way you say it — you'd think I was actually a scary developer. That rant actually gave us the idea to include blog title tags in the title of the page.
    Oh and I heard the Online-Tonight broadcast on mp3. Thanks for the referral!

  2. I linked to Gretchen's little piece about MT, not because I'm trying to suck up to you guys, (OK not ENTIRELY anyway!*L*), but because it's a good bit of product review by someone who's actually learning to use the product for the first time. That's always excellent information to pass along!

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