No Time Like The Present

It's high time I started my own blog. I launched Lockergnome's Bits & Bytes on Blogger, but found it missing personality. Technology is my life, but every once in a while I gotta use a word like 'boobie' or 'poop.' And you just can't do that in Lockergnome, sadly.

Following the advice of a Gnomie (and a link from Leoville), I downloaded and installed the free Movable Type personal content / blog management system on Lockergnome's server. It's very nice so far! I wasn't terribly impressed with the default page template, but at least I can create and manage more than one account. MT creates a “syndication ready” XML document automatically, and can be notified of new posts as they are uploaded – but I still can't parse RSS feeds to stream headlines on the site.

10 thoughts on “No Time Like The Present”

    I admire your attempt to free yourself from the capitalist censorship of the running-dog associated gang of five.
    Live free, brother.

  2. Thanks Chris for not only taking my advice about MT but actually mentioning me as a fellow Gnomie! A real honor to have been promoted to such a prestigious position in life.

  3. congratulations on starting this blog way back 7 years ago and congratulations for it still lasting and growing to this date. and happy new years 2008

  4. This Blog is awsome. I have been around the lockergnome community since December 06 and have been on it almost everyday watching the Chris Pirillo Show, going on lockergnome, and just reading all of chris’s articles.


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