10 Consumer Electronic Devices the iPad Replaces

Sure, the hardware listed here won’t match the iPad’s specs feature-for-feature, but I believe you’ll get the idea. Think of the following items more as services rather than just physical objects:

  1. Internet-Enabled Digital Picture Frame: $100
  2. Cordless Skype Phone: $80
  3. Basic GPS Hardware: $60
  4. The Kindle: $250
  5. FLO TV: $250
  6. Portable DVD Player with a screen suitable for sharing between two people: $50
  7. PSP Go: $210
  8. Digital Audio Recorder: $40
  9. Multi-Year Pocket Calendar & Address Book: Free

Total? $830. 64GB Wi-Fi/3G iPad? $829.

Being able to experience these functions on a single device and control them with either motion and/or a swipe of your fingers? Priceless.

For 90% of use cases, the first generation iPad (and its array of apps) may supplant a series of consumer electronic devices. Heck, I’ve been waiting for an amazing digital picture frame to come along for years – and may have finally found that in Apple’s new gadget. If you already have a Slingbox (and its app), the iPad’s screen should be a dream with it.

And these are just ten features that the iPad’s platform enables. I can’t imagine what the iPad will be like for parents, being able to replace a series of books and discs and other bits of consumable media in exchange for something that’ll keep even a grown kid happy ad infinitum (er, to infinity and beyond)!

Notice, please, that I did NOT mention “laptop” (or “netbook”) as a potential device to be replaced. This does not imply that iPad software is inferior to software that might run on Windows, OS X, or Linux. It’s just suggesting that… well, you have to stop comparing the iPad to notebook computers, yo.

Perfect? No. You don’t want one? Cool. Don’t buy one, then.

For the rest of us, there’s iPad.

Know of other devices / services the iPad will replace? Leave a comment and I’ll update the post with additional math:

20 thoughts on “10 Consumer Electronic Devices the iPad Replaces”

  1. a lousy set of rules AND overly hardass mods $-999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

    one annoyed man $more than you think

  2. i dont know about replacing ipod touch , i think its to big for doing that , i will probably get an ipod nano for my music on the go and keep my ipad with me when going to work or goin out for cofee or something , and as many people i complained about the ipad not having a camar , but to be honest i dont use my macbook pro camera to often , i thing itd be better with a camera but is not indispensable. ill get one anyway :D

  3. You know, I’m not that keen on a gps device that i am going to have to pay a monthly charge just to use, even if I can ‘cancel anytime’. So I might go Wi-Fi Only.

    But man I loves me some GPS.

  4. Another list of nonsense to try and justify the iNappy when any other product worth its salt will sell itself to the general public easily because it DOES have a use!

    Internet-Enabled Digital Picture Frame: $100
    TRASH – Joe Public never use them, hence reason shelves are full of them and they cannot shift!

    Cordless Skype Phone: $80
    TRASH – Average person uses a normal phone and not Skype.

    Basic GPS Hardware: $60
    TRASH – Average person takes bus/car or has a tomtom unit.

    The Kindle: $250
    TRASH – Average person reads a normal paper or book. They will NEVER BUY or OWN one of these.

    FLO TV: $250
    TRASH – Joe punter…. gimmie a break…

    Portable DVD Player with a screen suitable for sharing between two people: $50
    TRASH – at least a portable allows you to insert a dvd!

    PSP Go: $210
    TRASH – Average person does not play games on the move.

    Digital Audio Recorder: $40
    TRASH – Average person still uses a digital dictaphone to pass to secretary to type up!

    Multi-Year Pocket Calendar & Address Book: Free
    TRASH – Average person has a paper diary!

    A netbook will do the exact same and actually be of real use in the average persons home.

    Do you really see the average person sitting at the table eating their dinner with one of the iPads on it? NO! They will have a paper magazine or some other tabloid crap there, splattered with beans and then flung into the bin afterwards!

    People really need to stop trying to make up reasons for the average person to use this device. At the moment there ARE NO REASON! It’s a product searching for a reason to exist rather than a need!

  5. I might buy one when they get down to a realistic price. Say $129 after $50 rebate. It’s kind of cool, but my current stable of gadgets are serving me well, why would I want to replace them?

  6. @andrew Layden:

    No iPad doesn’t replace Chumby. Chumby supports Flash; heck, that’s about all it does do. Apple knows Flash support would cost Apple oodles of cash in lost revenue off the App Store mini games. That, and not “stability” is the real reason we won’t see Flash on the iPhone until they start losing margin because of it.


  7. I don’t have any of these items. I’m just going to admit that the iPad appeals to the geek in me and accept the fact that i will buy one.

  8. I wish people would stop comparing the iPad to gaming devices. Wanna-be Flash games can’t compete with a DS or a PSP game.

    Are you honestly telling me you can use something as massive as the iPad as a phone for Skype? Yeeaah… Not going to happen. You would look stupid trying.

    The iPad can’t play DVDs, so it isn’t a portable DVD player. You can buy movies off iTunes, but then that movie would be limited to your iPad. Are you really willing to pay for that? I didn’t think so. A portable DVD player doesn’t make you pay for the DVDs you want to play on it a second time.

  9. The following items include FAIL :

    Cordless Skype Phone: $80
    No, that’s just stupid. Too big, and probably too heavy too, so that you’d start experiencing strain in the arm after about 2 minutes.
    You might want to look at this in order to experience how using an iPad as a phone would look at : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRLRjKCGHek
    Even if you think about using a bluetooth headset (hoping that it’s compatible), you still have to carry this big thing around. Skype phones allow you to avoid this.

    Basic GPS Hardware: $60
    Only through A-GPS, which means extensive use of expensive 3G data. A real GPS costs nothing to use, you somehow seem to forget it.

    The Kindle: $250
    Only partially wrong, but still wrong. A LCD really cannot fully replace e-paper (I tried, and it sucks bigtime. You experience visual strain after reading for about 15 minutes), and iPad does not include proper support for PDF (you need to pay for a pdf reader, and then you can’t manage your PDFs properly because you don’t have access to the filesystem). However, you’re right that for people who really want to purchase e-books having the choice to buy the real book, and not to benefit from the huge PDF collections legally available in universities nowadays, it’s just fine…

    Portable DVD Player with a screen suitable for sharing between two people: $50
    Well, just a minute, explain me WHERE you put the DVD in that thing and I’m sold…

    PSP Go: $210
    With no buttons at all ? Touch plus accelerometers are a reasonable choice for slow gameplay, but fast games require the feeling of a soft button under your thumb if you don’t want it to hurt after about 2 minutes of gameplay.

    Digital Audio Recorder: $40
    Again, you seem to forget about the size and the lack of buttons : it’s not exactly the kind of thing you can grab from your pocket, then press a button, record your voice memo, and then put back in your pocket. Or that you can silently put on your table in a course in order to record it.

    Chumby: $99
    Without Flash support ? You might want to forget this one.

    Internet Radio Device: $75
    When I use an internet radio, I generally want to do something else at the same time. The iPad won’t allow one to do that, due to iPhone OS aka Mac OS X Starter.

    iPod Touch: $199
    Size, size, size, size, size, size, SIZE !!! The iPad can’t fit in your pocket, so it’s not a digital media player and video gaming device that you can carry anywhere. The iPod touch is precisely about that.

    I wonder : were you sleepy when you wrote this article, or did you took marketting lessons from apple’s well-known habit of making false claims ?

  10. the fact is, iPad is NOT replacing anything. a machine with ALL functions can’t really do any ONE function well enough.

  11. I think this review is very comprehensive, can let masses understand iPad better.Of cource, People can buy an ipad or not, just all are up to themselves. So far from ipad realeased, I have to admit ipad is an revolutionary, really amazing! Just see the booming 3-party sofware and apps developers along with it.

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